It’s a ‘Spinning Staircase’? Video From Milan’s San Siro Stadium Goes Viral

An optical illusion video from Milan’s San Siro stadium, one of the world’s most famous football grounds, is now going viral.

optical illusion video from milan

Tech Burrito, one of the most active Twitter handles, released the illusion video from the San Siro stadium a few hours ago. This eye-popping video has been viewed by more than 27 lakh people within few hours. Optical illusion videos and pictures have been gaining popularity on social media for some time now. Especially on Twitter. This video from Milan is the last in that queue. Captured by M. Soltani, this video was first shared on author Pascal Bornet’s Twitter profile. Then Tech Burrito, who has over seven lakhs of followers, reshared it.

In this video, we can see the view of the staircase built in a cylindrical shape to enter the san siro stadium. As per the video, many peoples are coming out of the stadium through the ramp. From this we can assume that these pictures were taken on a match day. As anyone who watches this video can see, the building in the cylindrical shape seen in the picture rotates on an axis. But that’s not the reality. We feel this way because all the people coming out are moving in the same direction. This means that if you take a video of this building when there are no people around, it will be just a normal video. The cylindrical shape of the building also turns this ordinary video into an optical illusion video. Yes, our eyes are playing tricks on us.

Milan’s San Siro stadium has more than five staircase buildings like the ones you see in the footage. This picture was taken from another building like the one you are viewing. Anyone who visits the stadium on a match day can enjoy this optical illusion effect. People are sharing this video with many interesting comments. One user commented that the optical illusion effect can be reduced to some extent by focusing on the people instead of looking at the walls of the building.

San Siro Stadium is the home ground of AC Milan and Inter Milan, the top Italian football clubs. The stadium has been rebuilt several times since its opening in 1926. The ramps in the cylindrical shape seen in the footage are all built recently.

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