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Optical Illusion: It’s Not a Fish, Find out What it is the Today’s Challenge for you

What do you think after seeing this picture? Isn’t it like a colorful fish swimming through water? But today’s challenge for you is to find out what is in this picture.

Find what it is, not a fish

Many who claim to be eagle-eyed geniuses are unable to spot the secret in such pictures at a glance. We hope you can find the secret in this picture. As mentioned earlier the picture is not of a fish as you see it. Let’s face it, you’re a sharp eyed person if you can figure out the answer in the next 10 seconds.

Let’s crack the secret

Find what it is, not a fish
Next 15 seconds is your’s…
It’s better if you can take a deep breath before facing this challenge.
Starting countdown.
Time is up.
Hope you got the secret

Now I am thinking of giving a hint to those who are still not able to solve this picture. Here is our hint. Those with a little observation skill can find the secret in this picture just by this one hint.

Hint: Look to the picture from every angle

Got the answer? If you got then comment below in how many seconds you found the answer. Answer is shared below.

Answer: A women is illustrated as a colorful fish in this picture. Look carefully, the tale of fish is a leg of women. The wings of the fish is hands of women. The angle you can see everything clearly is share below. Have a look on that. Some more details of about this painting is given below.

Johannes Stotter is a popular Italian professional artist engaged in creating mind blowing illustrations. He is very passionate in illustrating human being as a animal. So, we can call her talent as bodypainting art. He entered this field on 2013 and his first works gone viral on social medias.

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