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Kerala Police Sathyavangmoolam PDF in Malayalam & English

Kerala Police Sathyavangmoolam PDF in Malayalam & English are useful document to know the format of lockdown travel declaration format. According to Kerala government and Kerala police, Sathyavangmoolam or affidavit or self declaration is an essential one to carry during traveling at Covid lock-down. Sathyavangmoolam is available on both English and Malayalam languages. The format of Sathyavangmoolam or affidavit format available here are officially released by Kerala government to make affidavit preparation easy for public. Below we are added some more details about Kerala police Sathyavangmoolam PDF.

sathyavangmoolam pdf

Kerala Police Sathyavangmoolam PDF Details and Preview:

PDF NameKerala Police Sathyavangmoolam / കോവിഡ്-19 സത്യവാങ്മൂലം
No. of Pages2
PDF Size0.2 MB
LanguageMalayalam & English
SourceKerala Police
BenefitTraveling in Kerala State during lockdown
Image Preview of Kerala Police Sathyavangmoolam PDF

Requirement of Declaration:

Kerala Government and police implemented restriction for traveling during lock down to prevent Covid-19 spreading. Traveling for emergency purpose by carry the self declaration or emergency pass is allowable for certain needs. Some of the travel restrictions are the following.

  • Travelers should carry proof of emergency while traveling.
  • Traveling for hospital cases and vaccination is allowed.
  • RTPCR report of within 72 hours are compulsory for other state and international travelers.
  • Police should issue penalty, if you act against covid protocols.
  • Traveling from and to containment zones is not allowed.
  • Limited number of passengers to travel on each vehicles.
  • Kerala Police established check-posts on every district borders and state borders for strict monitoring.
These protocols are implemented by Kerala Government during different timeline of Covid-19 spread. Now, Kerala Government lifted majority of restrictions for traveling & checkout covid19jagratha.kerala.nic.in for latest protocols.

Self Declaration Format:

It’s not essential to take a print out of this affidavit. It’s just a format only. You can fill fillable fields after taking printout, or you can copy and write same to a white paper along with fillable fields. You may be fined by Kerala police if you don’t have this affidavit with identity proof. You have to mention some essential details on this form, including:

  • Your Name with address
  • Co-Passenger Name
  • Vehicle Number
  • Starting location of journey
  • Ending location of journey
  • Time of return
  • Purpose of travel

After proper filling of sathyavangmoolam or affidavit, you have to sign the affidavit with date.

Steps to Get Online Self Declaration:

The travelers across Kerala can generate self declaration or sathyavangmoolam through official covid related portal of Kerala Government. Here we are going to discus steps to generate covid-19 sathyavangmoolam through official portal. Applicant can use self declaration generated this way can use only for local travel and not for inter-district travel. Follow these steps carefully:

  • Please visit official portal by clicking here.
  • Enter your mobile number at field below “Your Mobile Number” and click “Verify” button. Then solve captcha and click “Verify” button.
  • The applicant will get a OTP soon at entered mobile number and click “Verify” button.
  • Covid-19 Jagratha portal recommending to use Sandes app to avoid waiting for OTP.
  • You can see a new page at the next step.
  • Select your district you are traveling from the drop-down.
  • Enter traveling person name at “Name” field.
  • Select localbody from “Localbody From” drop-down area.
  • Type place name at localbody at “Place From” Field.
  • Select localbody to “Localbody To” drop-down area.
  • Type place name at localbody at “Place To” Field.
  • Enter your complete address consisting your house name, street, post office, pin code, district and state at “Your Address”.
  • The next section is about vehicle details.
  • Select vehicle type from drop-down menu from list of scooter to tractor.
  • Enter traveling vehicle number.
  • Type purpose of travel at specified field. You must carry documents to prove purpose of travel.
  • Enter going and return time at specified fields.
  • Click “Save” button after checking every details you are entered.
  • You can see a confirmation as popup after click “Save” button.
  • Now, the steps are completed, shortly you will receive a SMS with link to receive self declaration.

Emergency Travel Registration Through Online:

Applicant can apply for emergency travel registration through Covid-19 Jagratha Portal. The initial steps to apply for emergency travel is same like self declaration generation. Applicants can make use of this registration if have any emergency, and applicant must upload proof of emergency while doing the online application. Follow steps given below carefully.

  • You are redirected to a form window after login with OTP verification. This form is different from self declaration generation online application and require more details than that.
  • Fill all the mandatory fields with correct details. Applicant must submit any of id cards in relevant column. Any one of voter id card, aadhar card, ration card, passport are acceptable.
  • Applicant must upload proof of emergency at the specified column. You must submit proof in allowed file formats have size of below 500 kb. Applicant can enclose the copy of a Govt. issued ID card, Medical Certificate or any other document as single a document or as an image to support your claim for availing the emergency pass.
  • Click “Save” button. and you will get a confirmation popup and shortly receive link to get pass through SMS at registered mobile number.

How to Get Self Declaration or Emergency Pass?

You will get link by SMS after confirmation. Covid-19 Jagratha portal have another way to save self declaration & emergency pass, If you not received pass link through SMS. follow the steps carefully:

  • Visit “Track Application” page by clicking here.
  • Enter Mobile Number & select application type from drop-down list.
  • The solve catcha and click “Verify” button.
  • You will get a OTP for verification and enter it at specified field and click “Verify”.
  • You can see your applications at next page. Then you can click “Save” button showing near to your application to get pass.
  • Take a printout of the pass or declaration and also make sure to carry ID proofs with proof of traveling.

Please refer official websites of Kerala Tourism and Kerala Government to know more about Lock down restrictions. Tourism authorities also opened helplines for helping tourists to Kerala.

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