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Kerala Sahayahastham Scheme Application Form PDF

Kerala Sahayahastham Scheme Application Form PDF is the official application from to apply for Sahayahastham scheme of Kerala Government. The central and state governments are initiating lot of schemes for uplifting underprivileged women’s of our society. Almost all schemes for women’s are very popular and visibly that kind of schemes are helping women’s to find a livelihood. Sahayahastham scheme is designed by Department of Child & Women Development, Government of Kerala. Sahayahastham is a scheme is lakhs of beneficiaries and crores of budget.

The hopeful social change due to implementation of Sahayahastham scheme is visible among women lives of Kerala. As per the surveys, Kerala is the state with most number of widows. As you know, Finding a livelihood about underprivileged women’s like widows, single mother or single women is very difficult in current social situations. Sahayahastham is scheme initiated with a solution to overcome all social circumstances to find a livelihood about a women. The Sahayahastham scheme is also know as Kerala CM’s Helping Hand Loan Scheme.

Kerala Sahayahastham Scheme Application Form PDF Details:

PDF NameKerala Sahayahastham Scheme Application Form PDF
No. of Pages1
LanguageEnglish & Malayalam
CategoryScheme Form
BeneficiaryKudumbashree Members

Kudumbashree in Kerala:

You must aware about Kudumbashree before going to know more about Sahayahastham. Kudumbashree is a revolutionary project implemented by Government of Kerala. The Kudumbashree is a project for women by aiming their empowerment. Kudumbashree is a familiar name across Kerala and any of the women’s in all houses are member of Kudumbashree community group. It’s very happy to introduce Kudumbashree, because it may be the first women welfare initiative of our country, which started on 1997. Following are the structure of Kudumbashree.

Neighborhood Groups (NHGs)Base of Kudumbashree Network
Area Development Societies (ADS)Middle level controlling NHG’s
Community Development Societies (CDS)Doing supervision of Kudumbashree of a local body by networking with NHG’s & ADS

Kudumbashree is a popular project modeled by states across India and many countries. Currently Kudumbashree is hailed as ‘largest network of women’s in world’. As per the latest statics, over 45 lakhs of women’s in Kerala are part of Kudumbashree. The social impact created by Kudumbashree initiative is very good by empowering women’s. The NHG’s of Kudumbashree’s are running hotels and small scale industries across Kerala. Till now, government of Kerala is very supportive to Kudumbashree mission by implementing schemes like Sahayahastham for Kudumbashree members.

Overview of Sahayahastham Scheme:

Sahayahastham scheme have over 22.7 lakhs of beneficiaries provided with 2000 crores from government. The project is consisting of Government, Bank’s and Kudumbashree. The aim of the Sahayahastham scheme is to provide interest free loans at for Kudumbashree members in trouble due to pandemic situations. The network of Kudumbashree is vast in Kerala. So, government is decided to implement this project through Kudumbashree. The organization controlling Kudumbashree allover Kerala is known as Kudumbashree Mission, headquartered at Trivandrum and leading by a Civil Service Officer. Kudumbashree Mission have offices in 14 districts of Kerala and they are coordinating proceedings of Sahayahastham scheme by connecting with Community Development Societies (CDS). Loans are disbursing by connecting banks with 1.95 lakhs of Neighborhood Groups (NHG’s) and Area Development Societies (ADS) will give instruction for NHG’s regarding application process.

Benefits of Sahayahastham Scheme:

As told earlier, the Sahayahastham Scheme is implementing through the Neighborhood Groups (NHG’s) of Kudumbashree. The benefit getting for society is the empowerment of every family by empowering a women of that family. The benefits about members of Kudumbashree are following.

  • 9% of interest charging by the bank for the loan amount will pay by Kerala Government.
  • The loan amount will vary with requirements and the minimum and maximum loan amount get’s for each member will be Rs. 5000 and Rs. 20000.
  • There is no need of immediate repayment of loan amount. The repayment will start from 6 months after loan approval. So, there is a time to start any small scale business. The maximum time allowed to repayment of loan is up to three years.

Eligibility of Sahayahastham Scheme:

The applicant must follow eligibilities listed below and Kudumbashree don’t allow applications short on eligibilities.

  • The applicant must be a women have permanent residence in Kerala.
  • The applicant should be a member of self-help group or neighborhood groups of Kudumbashree.
  • Yearly income limit doesn’t exceed one lakh rupees.
  • Minimum one and Maximum of ten members are allowed for a loan.
  • The age should not exceed 55, in case of widow applicants.
  • Should own a valid bank account with passbook.

How to Apply for Sahayahastham Scheme:

The application process are starting from the discussion about this project at the neighborhood group meeting. As told earlier, there have a limit of ten members for single loan. At first, the head of Kudumbashree’s neighborhood group must select the members eligible for loan as per guidelines provided by State Kudumbashree Mission. The next step is to ensure that they are holding required documents. The list of required documents are following.

Required Documents:

  • Registration proof of the Neighborhood Group.
  • Identity proof of each women’s applying for Sahayahastham.
  • Address proof of each women’s.
  • Bank passbook of active bank account.

Further Application Steps:

The head of the neighborhood groups can contact Area Development Societies (ADS) for application form and guidelines. The guidelines and application format are also available on kudumbashree.org. The application process are completely offline and ADS will help you with that until disbursement of loan amount to your account. Each Kudumbashree members can also contact helpdesk of Kudumbashree Mission, known as Snehitha.

Banks Collaborated With Sahayahastham:

Co-operative banks and Kerala Bank are the main banks collaborated with Kudumbashree Mission for implementation of project. Other banks financing for Kerala Sahayahastham scheme are Union Bank, Canara Bank, SBI, Kerala Gramin Bank etc. So, a neighborhood group can approach any of the nationalized or co-operative bank for financial assistance. Choosing a nearest bank will be better when we considering repayment.

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