Kolkata Metro Lines, Expansion Plans, Fare, Facilities & Ridership

Kolkata, the historical city of India is the capital of Indian state, West Bengal. Kolkata is also known as city of joy and cultural capital of India. Kolkata metropolitan region have population of more than 1.5 crores, which is third highest after Delhi and Mumbai metropolitan areas. Kolkata, earlier known as Calcutta is the economic capital of north-eastern India. Kolkata is very important city in India because West Bengal is sharing their boundary with Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal. Kolkata port is the oldest port in India and playing a major role in international trade of India.

Kolkata Metro is the first ever planned mass rapid transit system in India. It’s very amazing to know that Kolkata have metro rail system by the end of 1984, eighteen years before than establishment of Delhi Metro. The implementation and operation of Kolkata metro rail system is different when comparing to other metro rail networks in India. Kolkata metro is still under expansion plans and major expansions are planned to inaugurate by 2024. So, let’s look in to deep of Kolkata Metro by discussing route, lines, fare chart and expansion plans.

About Kolkata Metro:

As told earlier Kolkata metro rail network is the oldest and first planned mass rapid transit system in India. The construction of Kolkata metro is started on 1970’s and first stretch is opened for public on 24th October of 1984. As you know, Kolkata is the busiest city from the time of British India and currently keeping the same. So, It’s not curious to know that, the authorities of Kolkata started planning of establishment of metro in Kolkata from 1920’s, before independence of India. Let’s look in to more details of first-ever metro network in India.

Network of Kolkata Metro:

Only, 38.6 km of lines are only operational now on Kolkata metro rail network. The operational length is very lower, when comparing it to the age of Kolkata metro system. Delhi metro, started 18 years later of Kolkata metro currently have operational line of ten times more than Kolkata metro. The evolution of Kolkata metro network is occurring very slower than other metro rail networks in India. May be, the successful commuting of tram service around Kolkata is a reason for slower evolution of metro network.

Lines of Kolkata Metro Rail Network:

Kolkata metro operated with just a single line since first operation to 2020. The first line, Blue line now have a length of 31.36 kilometers. Now, Blue line is operating from Dakshineswar to Kavi Subash and there have 26 station in the line. The extension is happened in Blue line are on 22nd February 2021. The Blue line is using Broad Gauge because it is using old technology and all it’s the only metro line in India using a Broad Gauge. The second operational line of Kolkata metro rail network are Green line, which is opened for public on 13th February of 2020. The Green line operating on standard gauge have a length of just 6.9 km consisting of 7 stations. The Green line of Kolkata metro is heading from Sector V of Salt Lake City to Phoolbagan.

New Lines of Kolkata Metro Rail Network:

As mentioned earlier, the expansion of Kolkata metro is very slow than other metro’s in India. earlier in 1990’s the tram service is very popular and under budget and the ordinary commuters are interested to using it. From the beginning of 20th century, tram services becomes weaker and more peoples are eagerly looking to shift travel from trams to metro trains. But, the major problem is that the Kolkata metro is not connecting with major points in the city and only have a single line. The successful journey of the Delhi metro prompted the Kolkata metro authorities to rethink and it leads to construction of new metro lines. The new lines of the Kolkata metro are the following and it’s have a total length of 75.36.

Name of LineLength No. of StationsBeginning & End
Purple Line16.21 k.m14Diamond Park to Esplanade
Yellow Line16.88 km10Noapara to Barasat
Pink Line12.40 k.m11Baranagar to Barrackpore
Orange Line29.87 km24Kavi Subhash to Biman Bandar

The opening of all expansions are scheduled to 2023 and 2024. Rail Vikas Nigam Limited, a company under Indian Railway’s are responsible for construction all new lines. The key point about new metro lines are they are connecting with all major places of the city. By 2024, Kolkata metro have 138.76 km of lines and 102 stations. There is a chance to emerge Kolkata metro as the second longest metro network in India and India’s first metro deserving that position.

Services of Kolkata Metro:

There are 358 daily metro services are currently operating through Blue and Green line of Kolkata metro. The daily operation of Kolkata metro will start at 07:00 AM and the last service is scheduled at 11:30 PM. The speed of each service is limited to 60 kmph of each service and the train will stop for 20 seconds in each services.

Reservation, Fare & Ticketing System:

There are certain number of seats are reserved for physically disabled and women passengers. Kolkata metro are lowest charging metro in India. The staring fare are five rupees only. The highest fare will vary according to the line you are traveling. All modern ticketing systems using in metros of India are also using at Kolkata metro. Kolkata metro have ticketing system like ordinary ticket for traveling once, smart cards & tourism special tickets. You will get more information on tickets from metro stations and official websites.

Facilities at Stations:

The stations of Kolkata metro are neat and well maintained by housekeeping staffs. All stations have CCTV cameras, metal detectors and all other facilities for sucre operation of metro services. The security of Kolkata metro is headed by Railway Protection Force. The platform screen doors are also installed on seven stations of Green line and likely to install this on all new lines going to open soon. High speed WiFi of Reliance Jio is available on all stations of the Kolkata metro network. ATM’s and outlets of fast food chains are available on every stations of Kolkata metro.


Kolkata metro is not longest when comparing to other metros in India, But it’s the second busiest metro network in India. The ridership growth of Kolkata metro is consistent since it’s operation. As of now, the daily ridership is 7,00,00 commuters. The frustrating traffic on roads and weakness of tram system leads to attracted travelers to metro system. There are expecting a huge growth in ridership by opening four new lines at coming up years.

Owners of Kolkata Metro Rail:

Kolkata Metro is the only metro in India, controlled by Indian Railways. As mentioned earlier, the construction of new lines also doing by a company under Ministry of Indian Railways. Metro Railway, Kolkata is the organization formed for operation of Kolkata metro. The construction of Line 2 (Green Line) is done by Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation [KMRC], a organization holding equal shares by West Bengal Government and Government of India. KMRC formed for speeding up construction of metro line connecting Kolkata and Howrah. Later, after construction KMRC handed over Green line to Metro Railway, Kolkata for day to day operations. Now, Kolkata Metro is considering as the 17th Zone of Indian Railway. Metro Railway, Kolkata is headquartered at Metro Rail Bhavan situating at J.L Nehru Road of Kolkata.

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