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Math Challenge: Find The Last Number in Series Within 15 Seconds

Finding the missing digits is a basic level challenge in mathematics. Remember that the math challenges may be tricky.

Find the last number in  series

First of all I will tell you something interesting about math challenges. Following are the benefits of solving math puzzles.

  • Math puzzles will make your brain quick responding
  • Math challenges will help you to grow cognitive thinking
  • Growth of problem solving skills. Which is even helpful on your daily life.

But there is a condition to gain this benefits. You have survive hundreds of math challenges frequently to gain the benefits stated above. Let’s discuss about todays challenge. As you can see, there is a series of number at the challenge image. Can you help me to solve the next number in the series?. That’s the mission assigned for you.

Let’s find next number in the series…

Find the last number in series
Hint: Don’t rely fully on logic. You have to think tricky to find the answer
Next 15 seconds is your’s…
Game over..
Congratulation for the winners

Never think too wide to solve this challenge. Your tricky mind can easily find the answer for this challenge. The official answer of this challenge is shared below. It’s recommended to look answer after solving this challenge as you can.

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