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Math Puzzle: Can you Find the Missing Number Within 20 Seconds?

Math puzzles can explode your mind for next few seconds. The ability to solve math puzzles is a great thing.

Find the missing number

Let me tell you some benefits of solving math puzzles before getting in to todays challenge. But there is a condition to get benefits listed below.

  • Math puzzles will make your brain more sharper
  • You can build interest on mathematics by solving more puzzles
  • Solving math puzzles will increase your concentration to a greater extent
  • Math puzzles can improve your memorization power
  • You can shine Infront of your classmates and relatives by solving math puzzles live

You can see a number wheel on the challenge image in yellow background. We have to show total of eight numbers on the wheel. But unfortunately one number is missing. Your mission is to find out the missing number.

Let’s find the missing number…

Find the missing number
We wish that you can spot missing number easily.
As you know, at first we have find out the realtion between numbers in the wheel to reach answer. Please set a 20 second countdown in your watch to create a urgency.
Next 20 seconds is your’s…

Time is up.
Thanks for participation.

How is the challenge?. It will be very nice if you can share your experience on comment section. We are sharing the answer below to confirm your answer.

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