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Math Puzzle: Find The Missing Number of the Series Within 16 Seconds?

We know that this math puzzle will shake your brain for next few seconds. It’s worth to participate in this math challenge to improve skills of your brain.

Find out the missing number

Math puzzles are the best things for child development. Not alone for child, it’s far better for adults too. Studies shows that there is a significant increase in problem-solving skill by attempting more math puzzles. We are going to discuss about this challenge.

You can see a series of numbers at the challenge image. The fourth addition is still a mystery. You have to break that mystery with proper justification. 16 seconds is the time allowed for you. The time bound created by us is not mandatory. But those who can crack this mystery within time bound is a genius.

Act like a mathematics freak for next 16 seconds…😊

Find out the missing number
Please help yourself to solve mystery of this math puzzle.
As told earlier, remember that you have just 16 seconds.
Time is up.
Hope you tried best.

You done a great mental exercise. Do you found the answer?. It’s good if you did it. Those who can’t complete it within 16 seconds can take more time to crack this mysterious math puzzle. You can have a look at the answer provided below after you found an answer with justification.

Image Source: SparkPDF

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