Mind Teaser: Do You Have Eagle Eye to Spot The Odd Steering Wheel Within 9 Seconds?

You can see a lot of steering wheels in this brain teaser. A steering wheel is a bit different. All you have to do is find it in just 9 seconds.

odd steering wheel challenge

Mind Teaser or Brain Teasers are very beneficial for our intelligence. Especially on kids. That is why brain teasers are included in their syllabuses. The reality is that solving such brain teasers becomes their hobby without even realizing it. Not only kids but also adults can try brain teasers. Optical illusion challenges are another format of brain teasers. The mission of optical illusion images is to trick our brains into thinking. I think you got a little idea about brain teasers.

Spot the Odd Steering Wheel Out:

As mentioned in the beginning, this picture has a unique steering wheel. We challenge you to find out. You are allotted 9 seconds. Remember that this time bound is set to create a challenging mood on your mind. If you still can’t find the odd steering wheel after 9 seconds, you can take more time.

Let’s drive your eyes through each steering wheel

Spot the odd steering wheel
Remember that it’s not so easy to crack this challenge within 9 seconds.
Don’t be lazy. Are you ready?
Your Time starts now.
Time ended.

Hints to Spot Odd Steering Wheel:

Did you get the answer? Let me give a hint for those who are still unable to reach the answer. Let’s divide the image into two parts. So I can say that the odd steering wheel is in the right part of the picture.

Let’s reattempt the challenge.

Countdown starts now. It’s another nine seconds.



Time of the seconds ends now. Now, we are going to discuss the answer below. Kudos to all participants.

Answer of Spot Odd Steering Wheel:

The fifth row has the odd steering wheel. The odd steering wheel has only a slight difference from other steering wheels. The only change is that the size of the odd steering wheel horn is slightly larger.

Image Source: SparkPDF

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