Not Everyone Can Find The Word ‘World’ Within 11 Seconds, Can You?

No one disputes that the world we live in today is a great wonder. We have prepared a challenge based on the word ‘World’. Give it a try. Maybe you will be today’s champion.

Find word world

This is a word puzzle. Do you know the benefits you get without even realizing it by attempting a word puzzle? One of the biggest benefits of solving word puzzles is that it improves problem solving skills. To solve a word puzzle you have to think on several perspectives. You have to think logically, strategically and tricky. This one condition will lead to enhancing your problem solving skills. We are not saying that solving one or two word puzzles will bring these benefits. You can improve this problem solving skill when you take the initiative to solve word puzzles on a daily basis.

‘World’ Word Puzzle:

In today’s challenge picture you can see the symbolic image of earth in the background. Above it you can see a lot of ‘Wolrd’. Among those words there is only one ‘World’. If you can find it, you are the champion. You have only 11 seconds to complete this challenge.

Let’s trace the ‘World’.

Find word world
Hope you are ready to attempt this challenge.
Be cool, we will guide you. It’s best if you can set a countdown of 11 seconds on your watch.
Let’s start. Just 11 seconds left
Yours 11 seconds over.

We Will Help You to Find ‘World’:

We see it as our responsibility to get you to the right answer. So let us help you by giving you a clue. Before that, let’s say one thing, we can admit that those who completed this challenge in just 11 seconds have extraordinary observation skills. Reattempt the challenge after reading the clue.

Clue: The word ‘World’ is at the right part

We are expecting that you are accomplished this challenge through our clue.

The Word ‘World’ Spotted:

Yes, as you found, ‘World’ is on the far right. In the below picture you can see the answer is marked in red color. We will give you another challenge if you are ready. Try finding the word ‘POKEMON’ from the next challenge.

Answer of Find World From This Brain Teaser


What is the use of word puzzle?

Attempting new puzzles on daily basis have numerous benefits. Problem solving skill is the major benefit of all kind of puzzle.

How do you play word puzzle?

Word puzzles come in many formats. Word Puzzle is officially a crossword puzzle. In fact all puzzles around a word are a type of word puzzle.

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