Only 1% of You Can Spot The Word ‘Movie’ From The Brain Teaser in 9 Seconds

Who doesn’t like movies? Our challenge word of today is ‘Movie’. Let’s try to see if you can resolve this challenge.

Spot word movie challenge

The advantage we get from solving word puzzle is to increase problem solving skills. Problem solving skills are one of the mandatory skills that everyone should have in today’s time. You might be wondering how solving problem solving skills increase by solving the kind of word puzzles you’re going to solve right now. We’ll tell you how it is.

When you are challenged to solve a word puzzle, your mind will be ripe to accept that challenge. Then the only thought in your mind will be the thought of how to solve that word puzzle. Your mind will be filled with the insistence that this word will be solved by puzzle either way. In the end you will solve word puzzle. It is only when this one process is continuously going on that problem solving skills develop in you. This means that attending only one word puzzle doesn’t necessarily mean you’re developing your problem solving skills. Problem solving skills will increase in you only when you are attempting too many word puzzles.

Find ‘Movie’ Challenge:

You need to find the word ‘Movie’ from today’s challenge picture. The time we allow you for that is just 9 seconds. Give it a try, and you too can succeed.

Be ready to spot ‘Movie’.

Spot word movie challenge
According to us, nine seconds is enough to crack this challenge.
Be confident and ready.
Clocked started ticking now.
9 seconds finished.

Hint to Find ‘Movie’:

What’s the matter? Did you find the word ‘movie’? If not, we’ll give you a clue to help.

Hint: Check middle of the challenge picture carefully

Let’s reattempt the challenge by spending another 9 seconds. You can look to the answer discussed below to verify your findings.


As you can see, the word ‘Movie’ is at the sixth row. Hope you like this challenge. Find four ‘Key’ from the challenge.

Answer of Find word movie challenge
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