Only 10% of You Can Spot Odd Mickey From The Brain Teaser in 9 Seconds. Can You?

Find odd one challenges are brain teasers that can be solved very quickly. Let’s try the Spot Odd Mickey challenge today.

Spot odd mickey challenge
Find Odd Mickey Challenge

Odd one out challenges are a lot of fun. You must have felt that these kinds of challenges are very easy to solve. But for those who lack visual literacy and observation skills, solving odd one out challenges may not seem so easy. Now you are thinking how to solve the odd one out challenges very quickly. Depending on the severity of the challenge, you should form a strategy. That is, you should carefully observe the object in the picture and understand the uniqueness of that object. Then you have to compare all other objects with that image in your mind. After doing this, everyone can quickly find answers to odd one out challenges.

Spot Odd Mickey Challenge:

Mickey mouse is Everyone’s favorite comic character. Mickey Mouse’s head is lined up in the challenge image. Among these, a mickey is unique. You have to find that unique mickey. Note that unique mickeys may differ slightly from other mickeys. You have 9 seconds to complete this task.

Test your observation skill now.

Spot odd mickey challenge
Relax first, we are not going to punish you if you can’t find answer.
Let’s take this as a fun
Countdown of 9 seconds starts now.
9 seconds finished.

Hint to Spot Odd Mickey:

Have you successfully spotted the odd mickey? If you did, please comment below where the odd mickey is. Does anyone need our help for finding Odd Mickey? If yes we can definitely help. We intend to help such people with a hint.

Hint: To make your work easier we can split the challenge picture horizontally. If so, the odd mickey is in the topper portion.

Don’t hesitate. Try to fight one more time. We have given everyone including you the clue to spot mickey easily.

Answer of Odd Mickey Challenge:

The third mickey in the second row is the odd one in the group. Look out for that mickey. Its mouth is slightly larger than others.

Odd Mickey Challenge Answer

Odd Mickey Challenge – FAQ:

How does the odd one challenge work?

Odd one out are one of popular among brain teasers. It’s popular because of simplicity of this kind of challenges. Participant have to find the odd object from lineup to accomplish odd one out challenges.

Is odd one out challenges easy?

Yes, odd one out challenges are easiest among brain teasers. In most cases participants can find the odd object easily if have dedication.

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