Optical Illusion: Can you Spot Panda From the Black Metal Crowd?

There is a panda lurking in the black metal crowd seen in the picture. Your mission of today is to find it.

find pand challenge

Pandas are more famous than other animals. There are many reasons for that. The first reason is the cute look of pandas. The body of pandas in black and white color scheme is sure to attract anyone. Being a very attractive creature, many cartoons and animated films have featured characters in the form of pandas. That’s why panda’s are familiar creatures to most children. But this is not the reason reason why pandas are world famous. Pandas have started gaining popularity since the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) under the United Nations adopted the panda as their official logo. WWF’s move was aimed at protecting the endangered pandas. Since our today’s Challenge is about Panda, I just said a few things. Now let’s get into the challenge.

Today’s task for you is to find the panda from the picture as mentioned earlier. If you can complete this challenge within 20 seconds, that’s a very good thing.

Let’s spot the panda

find pand challenge
First, close your eyes and remember the panda’s face. If you do that, you can complete this challenge very quickly.
Find the panda in just 20 seconds. Countdown starts now.
Time is up.
Hope you spotted panda.

Still can’t find the panda from this picture?. If not, we’ll give you a clue. If you move accordingly, you will be able to spot the panda in less than ten seconds.

Hint: Check left side of the image.

I think you found the panda. Remember that if you practice more optical illusion challenges, you will be able to decode any image in seconds. Before I give you an official answer of this panda spotting challenge, let me tell you about the creator of this image. This film is produced by a Norwegian named Espen Westum. Inspired by the famous artist Gergely Dudás, Espen Westum made such a picture and shared it on social media. Anyway, the challenge answer is shared below.

panda spotted answer of challenge
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