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Optical Illusion: Spot The Leopard From This Rocky Terrain Within 20 Seconds

Below is an optical illusion image from India. Snapped around 8 years ago, this picture goes viral on the internet every now and then.

Spot the leopard

It is our eyes that usually prevent us from resolving optical illusion images. But our eyes cannot always deceive us. A person who regularly participates in optical illusion challenges can easily solve optical illusion challenges by improving visual literacy. Consider solving optical illusion challenges as a hobby. Of course it will help to increase your attention span and observation skills. Now let’s discuss today’s challenge.

Today’s challenge image is a picture of a rocky terrain. But this rocky terrain is not the only small bushy plants. A leopard is also hidden in this picture. Today you have to take up the challenge of finding it. It would be great if you try to find the leopard within 20 seconds to get a challenge mood.

Let’s spot the leopard

Spot the leopard
20 Seconds is the time allotted for you…
Your time starts now..
Hope you got the leopard from the rocky terrain

Hope you have successfully conquered the leopard. If you can’t do it in 20 seconds, try to solve this challenge by taking more time. Before sharing official answer with you, let me tell you a few things about this picture. We know you will definitely want to know the person who snapped this picture.

Today you have seen a picture taken by famous wildlife photographer Sudhir Shivaram from Bera, Rajasthan, India. As you know rocky terrain is the favorite terrain of leopards. The Bera area has the same rocky landscape as you can see in the picture, so there are many leopards in this area. Sudhir Shivaram, who travels long distances to take pictures of wild animals, came here to take pictures of leopards.

I don’t think I need to tell you why it’s hard to spot the leopard in this picture. Of course, as you know, leopard and rocky terrain have the same color. This is the only reason that prevents you from spotting the leopard. Sudhir Shivaram, who took this photo, himself said that after taking this photo, he showed it to many people but they could not find the leopard. Take a close look at the left bottom of this picture. That’s where the leopard is. He seems to be resting after hunting.

Photo Credit: Sudhir Shivaram

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