Optical Illusion: If you Have Eagle Eye, Then Find the Hidden Crocodile in 11 Seconds

Are you ready for the challenge?. If ‘Yes’, let’s look to details of this challenge. Here, just 11 seconds is allotted for you to complete this task.

find hidden crocodile

I think, this challenge is pretty easy for you. Today’s challenge is to find a crocodile from the picture posted above. As told earlier, you have just 11 seconds to accomplish this challenge. You can see plenty of Pistia (Water lettuce) in the picture. You have to find out a crocodile from it. ‘Yes’, crocodile is hidden among the water plants.

Countdown starts now….. 1, 2, 3……..8, 9, 10,11. Time is up. I think majority of the participants can found the crocodile within five seconds. We will help those who can’t find the crocodile among water plants with some hints.

Hints to Spot Crocodile:

Hint 1: Do you remember eyes of crocodile? Crocodiles have very large eyes. Part of the crocodile's eye is what we can see between us.

Majority of participants can crack this challenge easily through Hint 1.... We are ready to another hint.

Hint 2: Crocodile is at the left part of the picture. 

Answer of Spot Crocodile Challenge:

Those who spot the crocodile from this picture within five seconds have very good observation skills. But some people were able to crack this girl through the hint we gave them. Congratulations to all. Anyway, the answer of this challenge is shared below. You can see the eyes of crocodile inside the red box marking.

crocodile found

About the Photographer:

The challenge image is clicked by famous wild life photographer… Mr. Art Wolfe. He is a amazing person clicked thousands of pictures by traveling around the world.

How long did it take you to find the crocodile from this picture? Just comment below. Visit SparkPDF for more challenges to wake your brain up.

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