Can You Tell The Number of Dots in The Optical Illusion Picture in a Single Glance?

Today we have come with a challenge that will confuse your brain. It seems easy at first glance but solving this challenge is not that easy.

Can you tell how many dot in this image

Optical illusion challenges have always fascinated netizens. Optical illusion images shared by many artists through their social media profiles have gone viral. They have been widely shared on the internet for years. Today we have come to you with such a widely shared optical illusion challenge. There are a few things you should definitely understand about these types of challenges. I will tell you all that after you complete this challenge.

Here you have to find how many dots are there in the challenge image given here. We know that if it’s a normal picture you can answer it with just one glance. But this is no ordinary picture. This is an optical illusion image. So answering at a glance in less than 5 seconds is probably something only those with excellent visual literacy can do. Winners are those who can answer at a glance. It is possible for everyone to find the answer after taking more time and focusing on each of the dots.

Your mission is to find number of dots

Can you tell how many dot in this image
You have crack this challenge in a glance within 5 seconds
Countdown starts now …
Time ended
Hope you counted all dots

Hope you found an answer. If you feel that it is impossible to answer at first glance, try to find the number of dots with a time of 10 seconds. Before giving you the exact answer, it would be very good for you to understand the origin of this image.

Will Kerslake, a game director at Crystal Dynamics, shared this image on Twitter and it went viral globally. But he is not the source of this picture. In the beginning of 2000, the outside world saw this picture through a thesis called the journal Perception. The journal Perception is a study of human visual literacy and illusions.

You struggle to find the number of dots because the creator included the confusing color schemes and triangle-like shapes in this picture. These optical illusions are the best pictures to test your eye sharpness. There are 12 dots in this one image. Pay attention and focus only on the dots and take the number. You can see 12 dots. The main feature of this image is that most people cannot see more than 4 dots at a glance.

Image Credit: Will Kerslake

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