Optical Illusion: Spot The Hidden Cute Kitten From The Picture Within 12 Seconds

You won’t be able to decode optical illusion images so quickly. Decoding is possible only if such images are approached with good concentration.

Find the hidden kitten

Some optical illusion challenge images are those captured on camera. But some were painted by some artists. There are many different types of optical illusion challenges. We have to work hard to solve such challenges, no matter what the type is. Netizens are the ones who take it all as a fun. They solve optical illusion challenges and post the answers they found on social media. It’s also a common thing to share laugh-out-loud comments in the comment boxes if there are some fun challenges.

Spot the Hidden Kitten:

In the picture, we can see a beautiful dining hall. We can see a lot of sofas and a piano in this dining hall. It looks like there’s an open kitchen on one side of this hall. Anyway, I really liked this spacious place. The person who took this picture claims that a kitten is hidden in this picture. You can successfully complete this challenge if you find that kitten in just 12 seconds.

Here is today’s optical illusion challenge picture.

find the hidden kitten
As discussed earlier, you have to spot a kitten from this spacious hall.
Be ready and sort out this challenge.
Your 12 seconds starts now.
Time ended.

Hint to Spot Kitten:

Have you been able to find kitten? Or are you still looking for it? You can stop the search for a few seconds. We’ll give you a hint. Our hope is that you can easily spot the kitten through that hint.

Hint: Search right part of the image carefully

Please reattempt the challenge after reading hint. Let’s consider this as the second round of this challenge. However, the answer of this challenge is given at the next section.

Answer of Spot Kitten Challenge:

The very cute kitten rests in a basket at the right bottom. We know you enjoyed this challenge very well. If that’s the case, try the next challenge to find the dog from the snow field.

kitten spotted solution

Image Credit: SparkPDF


Are optical illusion challenges brain teasers?

Of course, in order to solve the optical illusion challenges, you must observe and think well. That’s why all the optical illusion challenges are brain teasers.

How to solve optical illusion challenges quickly?

The only way you can solve such challenges very quickly is to better observe the optical illusion challenge image carefully.

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