If You Can Figure Out ‘Mother’ in 11 Seconds, You Might be a Person With a High Brain IQ

The word ‘Mother’ does not seem to need a definition. This word is the basis of our today’s optical illusion challenge.

Find word mother

An Interesting Fact About ‘Mother’:

Before starting the challenge, let’s discuss a interesting thing about the word ‘mother’. Mother tongue or mother language is a word that everyone uses everyday. In many application forms and curriculum vitae we see the option of mother tongue. Mother tongue is the language we have been speaking since we started speaking. But have you ever wondered why it is called mother tongue? Why not say father tongue instead. Many people have probably thought about this at least once. During the six years after our birth, we spend most of our time with our mother. That’s why mother’s mannerism and language will influence us more. Hence, mother tongue is known as such. International Mother Language Day is observed on February 21 every year. Although we know other languages, mother tongue is always a nostalgia for us.

Spot ‘Mother’ Challenge:

There are 209 words in this picture you are looking at now. 208 of them are ‘mohter’ which is a misspelling of ‘mother’. Your challenge is to find the one and only ‘mother’ from the picture. You have 11 seconds to finish this challenge.

Are you ready to find the word ‘Mother’

Find word mother
Hope you will put best effort.
Your 11 seconds starts now.
Time is up

Hint to Spot ‘Mother’:

Be cool first. Don’t worry if you can’t find the word ‘Mother’ in the first attempt. We are recommending to try again after reading the hint given below.

Hint: The word ‘Mother’ is at the right side of picture

Answer of Find ‘Mother’ Challenge:

How was this challenge? How many seconds did you find the word ‘mother’? As hinted to you earlier, the word ‘Mother’ is at the right side in the middle.

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