Optical Illusion: Can You Spot Centipede Crawling Through The Autumn Leaves?

Centipedes are very small creatures. Because they are very small creatures, no one pays attention to them. Today’s challenge is to find the centipede from the challenge picture.

Find Hidden Centipedes

It may be a bit difficult to distinguish some objects and creatures from optical illusion images. Another truth is that the makers of such images try to make it as confusing as possible. But for those who are used to facing many optical illusion challenges, this is very simple. There are those who see optical illusion challenges as fun and those who see them as serious. Either way, the truth is that optical illusion challenges are great for your self-development.

In the challenge image you can see some dry autumn leaves lying on the ground. There is also a centipede among the autumn leaves. You should find it in just 10 seconds. For those who are unable to find the centipede within the allotted time, we are giving two hints below. At first you have to try this challenge without any hint.

We are challenging you to find centipede.

Find Hidden Centipedes
Just 10 seconds is the time allotted for you. Hope you try best.
Countdown starts now.
Game over.
Are you still searching

Hints to Spot Centipede:

First of all congratulations to those who cracked this challenge without any hints. Below are the hints as promised earlier. Hope you will re-attempt the challenge after reading the hints.

Hint 1: Centipede is crawling over a brown autumn leaf

Read the second hint only if you are unable to reach the answer after reading the first hint. Second hint helps everyone reach the answer easily.

Hint 2: Centipede is at the upper left

Five Facts About Centipedes:

Since today’s challenge is about centipedes, let’s discuss the facts about this creature. Maybe it will be useful for you in future.

  • The word centipede means 100 legs. But the reality is that centipedes have anywhere from 15 to 177 pairs of legs.
  • It is generally believed that centipedes are as dangerous as snakes. But centipedes are not as dangerous as other reptiles.
  • Studies have shown that centipedes, which are common in our homes, can live up to six years.
  • Centipedes are carnivorous. Its main food is small insects and spiders.
  • Most centipedes are night owls. Perhaps you have experienced this yourself. You may have seen centipedes in many parts of our house at night.

Answer of ‘Spot Centipede’:

Centipede is at the upper left portion which is crawling through a brown leaf. You had trouble in arriving to the answer because the centipede and the leaf have the same color.

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