Find Out How Many Legs The Elephant Have From The Fascinating Optical Illusion

Everyone knows how many legs a common elephant has. But can you find out how many legs the elephant sketched here has?

find number of legs

Many optical illusion images are quite surprising. Some images are hard to decode no matter how hard we try. Needless to say, most optical illusion challenges can be solved when we think a little trickier. The aim of the makers of optical illusion painting challenges is to challenge the human visual system. Most artists achieve this goal to some extent. Here we are going to introduce an optical illusion challenge that has created a huge challenge for the visual system of many people.

Count Number of Legs of Elephant Challenge:

Here we have given a challenge image that has troubled many people for more than 30 years. We can talk about that after solving the challenge. The artist has blended the amazing optical illusion in the legs of the elephant given in the challenge image. Your challenge is to find out how many legs the elephant in the picture actually has. You can take up to 20 seconds for this.

Let’s count number of legs of elephant.

find number of legs
Remember to mix some logic with tricky mind to reach answer easily.
Your 20 seconds starts now
Hope you counted number of legs successfully.

Found the answer or still struggling?. We are ready to give a hint for those who cannot reach the answer. After reading the hint, re-attempt the challenge.

Hint: Let’s count the number of fully intact legs

About the Challenge Picture:

The challenge you are attempting now is officially known as ‘How many legs does this elephant have?’. This optical illusion image was first released in the book ‘Mind Sights’ released in 1990 by the famous American scientist Roger Shepard. But there’s no way it could be that one picture you’ve attempted here. Later many people have remake this picture. It will be one of those. After 2010, this image became a topic of discussion in many social media groups including reddit. Still it’s going on.

Answer With Explanation:

Many people think that there is no definite answer to this challenge. Some say that this elephant has 5 legs. But some claim 4 legs. But the real answer is quite unexpected. Some may disagree with our answer. The elephant in the picture has only one real leg. We are ready to give a proper explanation for this answer. The left leg on the back is the elephant’s only real leg. If you look carefully, you will realize that’s the only leg which is fully intact. None of the other legs are fully visible. Also, the foot of majority legs is not visible.

elephant have only one leg

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