Optical Illusion IQ Test: Can You Find The Frog From Picture Within 10 Seconds?

All you have to do to win the challenge is to find the frog from the picture given here. You can spend up to 10 seconds to attempts this challenge.

Find Frog in this image

It seems that there is no need to introduce the netizens about the optical illusion pictures and the challenge. Nowadays, optical illusion challenges is becoming a trend on social medias, especially on Twitter. Most people approach such challenges as a time pass. But you must know about some important benefits of optical illusion challenges. Optical illusion challenges will increase your intellectual ability significantly. It will benefit you a lot in your personal life and career. We are recommending to practice some simple optical illusion challenges every day. You too can experience increased intellectual ability.

Find the Frog Challenge:

In the picture you may be able to see numerous small stones in some water. There are some plants here and there among the stones. There is also a frog in this picture itself. All you have to do to complete this challenge is to spot that frog. The time limit is 10 seconds. Let’s break this one challenge into two rounds. The first round is about to start now. Those who are unsuccessful in the first round can reattempt the challenge in the second round with the help of our hint.

Let’s find the frog.

Find frog in this image
Be cool. Let’s ready to crack this optical illusion challenge.
Time running… Hurry up…
10 seconds ended.

Hints to Find the Frog:

Congratulations to those who made it in the first round. Let me give some hint to those who are waiting for the second round. You are looking for the green frog. This single clue is enough to complete this challenge.

Solution of Find the Frog Challenge:

The frog is almost in the center of the picture. The green frog is on the plants have almost same color. This one thing may have stopped you from spotting the frog.

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