Optical Illusion IQ Test: Spot Hidden Crawling Snake From The Picture Within 13 Seconds

Can you survive what your eyes are deceiving you? If you’re sure you can, try to spot the hidden snake in today’s optical illusion challenge.

Find the hidden snake challenge

How to easily sort out optical illusion challenges is a question that everyone asks. There are many netizens among us who are in the habit of solving optical illusion challenges. Let’s take a look at how they do this. Most netizens are of the opinion that Visual Literacy plays a crucial role in solving Optical Illusion Tests quickly. Visual literacy is not something one can acquire overnight. Netizens say they achieved this by solving optical illusion tests and brain teasers for a long time.

Find Hidden Snake Challenge:

In the challenge image, we can mainly see some broken twigs and autumn leaves. The person who snapped this photo claims that a snake is crawling through it. Can you spot that snake? The time we allow you to complete this challenge is just 13 seconds. Try to use all your observation skills to win this challenge.

If you look carefully, you too can spot the snake accurately.

Find the hidden snake challenge
Be ready.
13 seconds is the time bound.
Time running. Hurry up.
13 seconds ended.

Hint to Spot The Snake:

We understand that most people still haven’t been able to spot the snake. Try it one more time. This time we will give you a hint. Use that hint and try to sort out this challenge as soon as possible.

Hint: Look to the right side carefully to spot the crawling snake

Let’s reattempt this optical illusion challenge by spending another 13 seconds.

Spot the Snake Challenge Answer:

Many other objects in the system may appear to you to be a snake. But the real snake in the picture is on the top right.

snake spotted answer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What are the history of optical illusions?

The concept of optical illusion is centuries old. Everyone thinks that the beginning of optical illusions as we see them today is in ancient Greece.

Who is the father of optical illusions?

Victor Vasarely, a Hungarian, is the father of optical illusions. His real name is Gyozo Vasarhelyi who started painting optical illusions when he was just 3 years old.

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