Optical Illusion Test: Spot The Butterfly From The Garden Within 9 Seconds

The pictures taken by some photographers become viral later because of the hidden creatures. Our today’s challenge picture is a such picture in which a butterfly is hiding.

Find Hidden Butterfly

We can put today’s challenge image under an optical illusion category. Optical illusions are images that confuse the human visual system and brain. So this picture is also an optical illusion picture. I’m sure the challenge picture given here will mess up our visual system for the next few seconds.

In today’s challenge picture you can see a lot of flowers and leaves. But that’s not all there is in this picture. There is also a butterfly in this picture. The task is that you have to find it within the next 9 seconds. First try if you can crack this challenge without any clue. We will give a clue if you can’t find the butterfly after the first try.

Let’s Start.

Find Hidden Butterfly
Remember, you have just 9 seconds.
Time started running.
9 seconds ended
Hope you spotted the butterfly without any clue

Clues For Spotting Butterfly:

Finding the butterfly without a clue is possible. But it is not so easy for a beginner. Didn’t we say you’d give a clue earlier? After reading the clue given below, reattempt the challenge.

Clue: Butterfly and leaf have same color

Yes, you will have a hard time spotting the butterfly because the butterfly and leaves have the same color. If you look carefully, you can also spot the butterfly. If you have given one clue and still haven’t found the butterfly, we can give another clue for you.

Second clue: It’s on the upper portion of the picture

About the Butterfly & Answer:

You are trying to spot the common brimstone butterfly. Brimstone butterflies are unique in that they cannot be distinguished once they are on top of a leaf. This means that the color of brimstone butterflies is very similar to the color of green leaves. Today’s challenge picture was taken by a photographer from a botanical garden. This picture has gone viral on social media for the sole reason that everyone is struggling to spot the butterfly. Hope majority of participants spotted the butterfly. First of all ‘Congratulations’ to all of you. It’s better to have a look to the answer of the challenge shared below.

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