Optical Illusion: Spot Hidden Rabbit From The Rocky Terrain Within 12 Seconds

Finding hidden objects and animals from pictures has become a hobby for netizens. In today’s challenge we have to find the rabbit from the picture.

Spot hidden rabbit from rocky terrain

We can put the challenge that you are going to attend today in the optical illusion challenge category. Optical illusion images are images that challenge our brain and visual system and deceive us without allowing us to find the reality in it. There are said to be three types of optical illusion challenges. It is known as literal, psychological and cognitive optical illusions.

Have you ever wondered why optical illusion challenges have become a charm for netizens? This is because optical illusion images have the ability to captivate anyone. Every time we solve an optical illusion challenge, a pleasure of achievement arises in our brain. That is why netizens have turned solving the optical illusion challenge into a hobby.

Spot the Rabbit Challenge:

Can’t you see some light brown rock and some bushes in today’s challenge image? Somewhere among these rocks is a rabbit hiding. If you find it within 12 seconds then we will agree that you have successfully completed this challenge.

Trace the rabbit from this rocky terrain.

Spot hidden rabbit from rocky terrain
We are going to set a time limit of 12 seconds to complete this challenge.
Hope you are up for the challenge.
Countdown starts now
6 seconds left
Time ended

Clue to Spot Rabbit:

Hopefully the observant ones have spotted the rabbit by now. Are there people who still can’t find the rabbit and are frustrated? Let us give you a clues to motivate such people. Not one but two clues await you. We are requesting to reattempt the challenge after reading the first clue. Read the second clue only if still unable to reach the answer.

Clue 1: You are searching for a light brown color rabbit, not for a white rabbit

Hope you reattempted the challenge by spending another 12 seconds. We don’t want to worry you any more. So the clue is given below to reach the answer easily.

Clue 2: Search for rabbit in the middle part

Answer of Spot the Rabbit Challenge:

As most people have discovered, the light brown rabbit is sitting on a rock in the middle of the picture. You had trouble arriving at the answer because the rock and the rabbit have the same color. Also, the fact that only half of the rabbit is visible may have also delayed your spotting.

Image Credit: Reddit

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