Optical Illusion: Spot One Eyed Jack Card Among the Scattered Cards Within 20 Seconds

Our eyes are the main villain in optical illusion challenges. The reality is that our eyes will not allow us to get to the answer.

Spot one eyed Jack puzzle

Our mind ever prefers to be lazy. But we all know that success comes from stepping out of comfort zones. One of the best ways to shift the mind from laziness to a challenging mood is to tackle optical illusion challenges. At first you might find it a bit boring. But without you even knowing it, optical illusion challenges will become a charm for your brain. You can see that making the brain uncomfortable through optical illusions is part of training the brain to do other hard things. There are many mind-blowing optical illusion challenges available on the internet today. Today we introduce you to one of them.

Find One Eyed Jack Card:

Don’t you see a lot of playing cards scattered in the challenge picture?. It includes many types of cards. You have to find only one card from this group. What you need to find is the one eyed Jack card. If you are new to card playing then finding one eyed jack card can be difficult. For such people the image of a one eyed Jack card is given below. Since this is a challenge, we can set a time limit of 20 seconds.

Jack with just one eye card sample

Here is the challenge picture.

Spot one eyed Jack puzzle
Get ready.
Set a countdown of 20 seconds on your watch.
You time starts now.
Time ended

Did you find the answer? Or still searching for the answer?. If you are tired of searching for an answer, we will give you a clue. After reading the clue, take another 20 seconds and reattempt the challenge.

Clue: The one eyed jack is at left side

Before answering, let me tell you a few things about one eyed jack card. Those who are not familiar with playing card games may be interested to know why one eyed jack card is used. There are two eyed jack cards and one eyed jack cards in the card game. A two-eyed card is a wild card. It is used to block opponent. The one eyed jack card is used to remove the opponent’s from the chip space.


As the clue says, the one-eyed jack card is on the left side. Only a small part of the one eyed jack card is visible among the other cards. One Eyed Jack card can be easily spotted by those with good observation skills.

cracked one eye jack challenge answer

What is Optical Illusion Challenge?

Optical illusion challenge is a type of challenge that makes our eyes and mind tricky. Increasing visual literacy is the easiest way to overcome optical illusion challenges.

How Optical Illusion Challenges are Good For Brain?

Optical illusion challenges will help you to increase observation skills and concentration. Anyone can achieve this through continuous practice of optical illusion challenges.

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