Optical Illusion: Find The Popular Human Face Among Coffee Beans Within 10 Seconds

The goal of every optical illusion challenge creator is to make the challenge as complicated as possible. Here you are going to face such an optical illusion challenge created from coffee beans.

find man face

Optical illusion challenges have become a charm for netizens. Many optical illusion challenges and brain teasers have gone viral on social media. Netizens enjoying it by trying to solve it. This is definitely a productive habit. It is possible to increase the observation skill to the maximum extent by attending such challenges. That means we can say with certainty that brain teasers including optical illusion challenges are one of the best tool available today that can help self-development.

Find the Human Face Among Coffee Beans:

There are a lot of coffee beans in today’s challenge picture. Let’s admire the guy who first created an optical illusion image out of a coffee bean. You have to find a famous face from the coffee beans given in the picture. The creator of this illusion included human face very skillfully incorporated into this image. All you have to do is spot where it is. We think 10 seconds is plenty to complete this challenge.

Let’s spot the human face

find man face
It’s best if you can set a countdown of ten seconds on your watch.
Clock started ticking.
Time is ended.
Hope you spotted human face among coffee beans.

Given a clue, you might be able to get to the answer much faster. According to the creator of this picture, the face of the famous actor Bruce Willis is hidden in the shape of a coffee bean. There seems to be no one who doesn’t know Bruce Willis. After remembering his face for a moment, search among the coffee beans once again. Of course you will get the answer.

Solution of Find the Face Among Coffee Beans:

Yes, we can see Bruce Willis’s face on the top right. You have probably passed over that face many times. But that human face will not catch your attention. That is the purpose of such optical illusion images like this.

find hidden man face solution
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