Picture Puzzle: Spot Odd Anchor From The Lineup Within Just 7 Seconds

Today we have come with a challenge that you can complete very easily. All you have to do is find the odd anchor from the set of anchors given here.

find the odd anchor
Spot Odd Anchor Challenge

Spot odd one challenges are in many forms. A type of spot odd one test is to challenge to find the odd word after lining up some words. The second type of odd one challenge is what you are about to do now. This test is a challenge to spot the odd object after lining up similar objects in a picture. Some people can solve a spot odd challenge in seconds. If you have less observation skills, it may take some time to solve these challenges. Our listening skills play a big role in completing odd one challenges. As we take each challenge, this skill will increase in us.

Spot Odd Anchor Challenge:

Do you know what anchors are used for? Anchors are used by boats and ships to connect land and sea. You can see many such anchors in today’s challenge picture. Among that a anchor is little different. All you have to do to complete this challenge is to find it in just 7 seconds.

Here is today’s challenge picture.

find the odd anchor
There is 80 anchors in the lineup.
Be ready to finish this challenge fast.
Your 7 seconds starts now.
Time ended

Clue to Spot Odd Anchor:

Did you find the odd anchor?. Congratulations to the finders. This was a very easy challenge to complete. But some people who lack observation skills wish they had a clue. Here is the clue for them.

Hint: Search only at left side

Hope all of you got the answer now. Anyway we are going to show you the answer up next.

Answer of Spot Odd Anchor Challenge:

Look at the bottom. The second anchor in the lowest row is the odd anchor in the set. I think you have understood at a glance what is the difference between that one anchor and other anchors.

odd anchor spotted answer
Odd Anchor Spotted

Spot Odd Anchor – FAQ:

What does odd one challenge mean?

You have to find a odd object from the lineup of same objects. An odd object has only a slight difference from other objects. So finding it can be a bit of a daunting task.

How do you find the odd one?

It’s too easy. You have to compare the doubtful objects with other objects. Your observation skill matters in how quickly you can find the odd one.

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