Picture Puzzle: Trace 4 Differences Between The Pictures Within 19 Seconds

We see a teddy sleeping in the challenge picture. You can see two similar pictures. Let’s dive into this brain teaser that challenges you to spot the differences between these pictures.

find four differences between the two pictures challenge
Trace 4 Differences Challenge

Did you know that our brain has two parts? The first part of the brain is responsible for controlling emotions. The second part of the brain plays a role in visual matters and your speech. Few activities can work these two parts together. One such activity is brain teasers. By working both parts of the brain together, we get many benefits. But it is a misconception that you can get these benefits just by attempting a single brain teaser. You can experience these benefits only when you make many types of brain teasers a part of your life. But let’s move on to the instructions for the today’s brain teaser.

Spot Difference Brain Teaser:

Now you can see two beautiful paintings of a teddy sleeping in his room. The artist claims that there are some differences between the two paintings. And he challenges everyone to figure it out. To be precise, we were able to understand that there are four differences between these images. Can you spot these four differences successfully? We have given you 19 seconds to complete this challenge.

Are you excited?

Find four differences between the two pictures challenge
Compare both pictures continuously to reach answer.
You have just 19 seconds.
Countdown starts now.
Time ended. If you’re struggling, then try with the hint given below.

Clue to Solve Find Difference Challenge:

It would probably be of great help to you if we could provide a clue needed to solve this challenge. We appreciate those who have found all four differences between the pictures just now. It is only possible because they have good visual literacy. After reading the clue, we advise strugglers to attempt the challenge once again by obeying the time limit. We are going to give you the clue to find two differences out of four.

Hint: Look carefully at the candle and the pillow

If you spotted all the differences successfully, check answer given below to confirm that your finding is correct.

Answer of Spot The Difference Challenge:

Differences between images are marked in in the image provided below. Things will be more interesting if you comment below on how long it took you to crack this challenge.

Image Credit: Pinterest

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