Prove Your Observation Skill By Spotting Lollipop Among The Ice Creams Within 15 Seconds

Have you solved these types of brain teasers before? If yes, you can wind up this challenge very easily. 15 seconds is the time bound to complete this challenge.

Find the lollipop among the ice cream
Spot Lollipop Among Ice Creams

Don’t you work out in the gym to tone up your body. It’s great if you do. Like that, Brain teasers are the best exercise you can give your mind. Attempting brain teasers can keep your brain active. Needless to say, this activeness will be very useful in your daily life. Anyway, let’s take this challenge. Be cool, this is too easy.

Spot Lollipop Among Ice Creams:

Do you like ice creams? Who doesn’t like ice cream? Kids aren’t the only ones who love ice cream. Some of the adults are also ice cream lovers. Anyway, today’s challenge picture is full of ice cream. Gergely Dudás, who created this challenge, claims that there is a lollipop in between the ice creams. Can you find it? If you can do it in 15 seconds then we can agree that you are a person with excellent observation skills.

Can you spot the lollipop?

Find lollipop among the icecreams
You can spend up to 15 seconds to solve this challenge.
Time started
Time is up.

We Will Help You With a Hint:

Are you still worried about not being able to find the lollipop. If so, we’re ready to give you a hint. Try to make use of it and find the answer.

Hint: The answer is at the left side of the pic

Don’t be lazy. You must retake the challenge to find exact location of lollipop. Anyway, we are going to discuss the answer below.

Where is Lollipop Hiding?:

Let us mark and show you the exact location of the lollipop. The lollipop is on the lower side on the left side of the image. Up next, try to spot the word ‘Book’ from the picture.

Image Credit: Gergely Dudás


What are the benefits of brain teasers?

Brain teasers have numerous benefits. The key benefits of brain teasers are keeping your brain active. So, brain teasers are the great mental exercise saving you from lazy trap.

How to solve brain teasers quickly?

Anyone can quickly solve brain teasers by observing the challenge image carefully. Your observation skill and dedication matters in time required to solve a brain teaser.

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