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Ration Card Form 4 PDF

Ration Card Form 4 PDF are using for add name of new members to ration card in West Bengal. Instructions and submission information are given below.

ration card form 4

West Bengal Ration Card Form 4 PDF Details and Preview:

PDF NameRation Card Form 4 PDF
No. of Pages2
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OrganizationWB Government
CategoryRation Card Forms
BeneficiaryRation Card Owners of West Bengal
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About West Bengal Ration Card Form 4:

All families of West Bengal created Ration Cards under Rajya Khadya Suraksha Yojana (RKSY) can utilize West Bengal Form 4 to add name of new member to the Ration Card. The Form 4 are same for both rural area and urban areas. As per directions of West Bengal Government, Families who created ration card under National Food Security Portal [NFSP] can also use the Form 4 to add new member to their ration card. NFSP is the program of Central Government in collaboration with all state governments of India. RKSY is a project designed by WB Government to ensure food security among families of West Bengal.

West Bengal Form 4 are also available on food department website of West Bengal Government. Form 4 for Rural & Urban is available on both offline and online. Here, we are described both offline and online procedures to add new member to your ration card.

Apply Through Offline Mode:

You have to take print out of the Form 4 & fill up that form carefully to get started with offline application.

How to fill West Bengal Ration Card Form 4?:

You must fill following details carefully & any mistakes may leads to rejection from authority. The details to be filled is divided to some sections.

Section A: Details of Head of Family (HoF)/ Any member having DRC

  • Name – name of owner of ration card.
  • Ration card type: AAY/ PHH / SPHH / RKSY-I / RKSY-II / GEN.
  • Ration card number: You can see ration card number on top of ration card.

Section B: Details of new members applying for DRC (Aadhaar not mandatory for applicants below age of 5 yrs.) Details of the 1st Applicant

  • Name of the Applicant: name of new member you are going to add to ration card.
  • Relationship with the Head of Family: This may be Father/Mother/Brother/ Sister/Wife/ Son / Daughter etc.
  • Father’s/Mother’s/Spouse’s Name: relevant details of applicant.
  • Date of birth, Aadhar number, EPIC number etc.

You can add up to 3 members through a single Form 4. Two more sections available mentioned 2nd applicant & 3rd applicant to add more members. This is the end of section A. Then we have to fill up section B of the Form 4.

Section B: Address details:

Owner of rations card must mention complete address details of the new applicant in this section. The details are from district to police station of new applicant. All details are to be filled on this section excluding police station are mandatory.

Section C: Contact Details:

One mobile number are mandatory on section C. You can fill secondary number, email id, whatsapp number etc as per your choice.

Owner of the ration card must sign at the end with date of submission.

Section D: Aadhaar Details of all existing DRC holders of the family:

Section D is a mandatory section and you must fill all details. The full form of DRC are Digital Ration card. Some years ago, West Bengal Government providing Digital Ration Cards of natives of West Bengal.

In this section, applicant must fill Aadhaar details of all existing members of Digital Ration Card [DRC] of the family. The ration card authorities never accept this form without valid Aadhar card numbers.

Documents to Submit with Ration Card Form 4:

Following documents are required for submission of West Bengal ration Card Form 4:

  • Filled Ration card Form 4
  • Old ration card (Original). You will get new one after adding new member name.
  • Xerox copy of Aadhaar Cards of all members.
  • Aadhaar card is not mandatory for new member less than 5 years. Birth certificate is enough for such members.
  • Any other valid id of new members like voter id & driving license.

Where to Submit West Bengal Ration Card Form 4?:

We are requesting you to double check every details filled on Form 4 and all attached documents. After proper verification, you can submit Form 4 and supporting documents in front of West Bengal Civil Supplies Authorities. Applicant can submit Form 4 in front of any of following authorities.

  • Inspector of Food and Supplies &
  • District Food and Supplies Controller
  • Assistant Food and Supplies Officer

Applicant will get update of your application through SMS or by any other method after starting processing from side Civil Supplies Department.

Apply Through Online Mode:

Food and Supplies Department of Government of West Bengal have well functioning portal for all ration card related services. The online method of Ration Card Form 4 are very effective and time saving. Applicant can approach any CSC of your locality for applying through online method. Following are the initial steps to apply for West Bengal Form 4:

  1. Visit official digital ration card services portal of WB Government by clicking here.
  2. At next you can enter mobile number linked with ration card on specified field to receive an OTP for verification.

You will get a page listed with services of ration card after successful verification with OTP. Choose Form 4 from that list and proceed with your application. Getting ready earlier with all documents and details will help you a lot to complete online application fast.

Helpline of WB Civil Supplies Department:

Civil Supplies Department of West Bengal Government have contact details for all ration card related queries.

Office Address:Khadyashree Bhawan, 2nd Floor, 11A Mirza Ghalib Street, Kolkata, West Bengal 700087
Phone Number:EXT-5258, 2252-5297(DIR), 5249 (PA)

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