TS Rythu Bandhu Scheme 2023 Payment Status Check & Beneficiary list

Rythu Bandhu Application Form in Telugu PDF is utilizing to apply for Rythu Bandhu Scheme. Rythu Bandhu scheme is introduced by agricultural department of Telangana government to help family of farmers. The special interest of K. Chandrashekar Rao, Chief Minister of Telangana, leads to the immediate implementation of this scheme. Nowadays, Rythu Bandhu scheme is one of the popular scheme for farmers offering by a state government in India.

Telangana is a state with more hectares of agricultural land in India. So, the number of families living depends on agricultural sector is also huge. Telangana Government considering farmers as the backbone of the economy of state. You can read every detail about TS Rythu Bandhu below including objectives, eligibility, application procedures below.

How to Check Rythu Bandhu Scheme Status:

Any one can check for payment distribution timing through official website of Rythu Bandhu Scheme. ie, rythubandhu.telangana.gov.in. You have to enter your division and district at the specified fields.

Objectives of Rythu Bandhu Scheme:

Rythu Bandhu scheme is announced by K. Chandrashekar Rao at 2014 and started distribution of benefits from Kharif season of 2018-19. Farmers are facing many challenges in India, including natural calamities like droughts and flood. Lakh of technology, imbalance after harvest is also challenging for farmers. Central government and almost all state governments are designed numerous schemes to help farmers during financial crisis arising due to the issues listed above. Rythu Bandhu Scheme is one of the leading scheme developed by a state government to help farmers during financial crisis of farmers.

  • Financial support to poor farmers and their in Telangana State.
  • Compensate financial loss of farmers during natural calamities.
  • Secure crops from diseases by providing incentives for pesticides and insecticides.
  • To protect farmers from debt trap.
  • To protect production from farm lands and economic growth of Telangana state.

Features of Rythu Bandhu Scheme:

  • Improving productivity in agricultural sector: Telangana government aiming massive productivity improvement in agricultural sector by giving support to farmers through Rythu Bandhu scheme. Productivity in agricultural sector will helps in overall economic growth of Telangana.
  • A Huge amount has been set aside for the scheme: K Chandrasekhar Rao government allocated budget of 12,000 crore to give assistance under this scheme in 2018-19. Government may increase the allocated budget in coming up year due to hike in number of applicants.
  • Farmers can apply irrespective of land area & caste: Rythu Bandhu scheme are not specified for farmers have certain land area and farmers belonging to specific caste. Farmers belonging to any caste like SC/ST, General, OBC etc. can apply for benefits under this scheme.
  • Assistance irrespective of crops: Rythu Bandhu scheme are not focused on a specific crops. Rabi & Kharif crops are eligible for the benefits of this scheme.
  • No upper limit of land area: There have no upper land area limit to apply for Rythu Bandhu scheme. As per Andhra Pradesh Land Ceiling Act of 1976, a person can never own more than 51 acres of farm land. So, person owns land up to 51 acres can apply for this scheme.
  • Land area: Rythu Bandhu scheme covering land area of 1.43 crore acre across Telangana.
  • Huge number of beneficiaries: 58.33 lakh Telangana farmers are now getting benefits of Rythu Bandhu scheme. This is one of the highest number of beneficiaries on a scheme of a state government for farmers.
  • Pattadar Dharani passbooks: Telangana government are providing Pattadar Dharani passbooks for every farmer’s getting benefits under this scheme. The government aiming to purify the land records by giving newly secured passbook for farmers. Dharani is a website which is released by Telangana government as an agricultural land record bank.
  • No income limit: Farmers with higher income can apply for this scheme. So, There have a chance of misusing benefits of this scheme.
  • Fast payments: The payments under Rythu Bandhu scheme are very fast. All payments are made only via cheques. So, farmers can easily convert it to cash by depositing that cheque on their bank account.
  • Give it Up Option: Telangana government are requesting rich families to not avail the benefits of Rythu Bandhu scheme. The Chief Minister are the first farmer do the same. The not availed benefits under give it up option will transferred to Rythu Seamanvaya Samithi (RSS).

Benefits of Rythu Bandhu Scheme:

Following are the benefits delivering under Rythu Bandhu Scheme:

  • Financial support to farmers. It will Save farmers from debt traps and suicide.
  • End for farm land dispute cases through providing Pattadar Dharani passbooks.
  • Free insecticides & pesticides.

Financial Support:

Farmers belonging to Telangana will get ₹ 8000 per acre as an annual support under Rhythu Bandhu scheme. These benefits will provide in two installments. First installment of ₹4000, will disburse on Rabi season and second installment of same amount will disburse on Kharif season. Telangana’s government are allowed to spend these finance support to following purposes:

  • Purchasing of seeds.
  • Purchasing of fertilizers.
  • Buying of insecticides and pesticides.
  • Any other major requireme1qnt related to agricultural field.

Eligibility of Rythu Bandhu Scheme:

Following are the eligibility to avail benefits of Rythu Bandhu Scheme:

  1. Permanent resident of Telangana.
  2. The applicant should be a land owner. Tenant Farmer are not eligible for this scheme.
  3. Applicant should not be a commercial farmer.
  4. The applicant should not have a job in private or government sector.
  5. Applicant should be a marginal farmer.
  6. Farmers between 18 and 59 age are eligible for this scheme.

How to Apply for Rythu Bandhu Scheme?:

  • Take a clear print out of Rythu Bandhu Scheme official application.
  • Fill all details on that form.
  • Attach all relevant documents with Rythu Bandhu Scheme Application Form.
  • Submit filled Rythu Bandhu Scheme Application Form and relevant documents to concerned authority.

Essential Documents :

Following documents may be required or mandatory for applying for Rythu Bandhu Scheme.

  • ID Proofs: Aadhar card, Voter ID card, PAN card
  • Pattadar Dharani passbook
  • BPL certificate
  • Passport size photo
  • Address proof
  • Bank passbook

Helpline of Rythu Bandhu Scheme:

Any eligible persons to apply for Rythu Bandhu Scheme can contact helpline to resolve doubts regarding drafting a Rythu Bandhu application. The organizations, social workers, volunteers working for welfare for farmers will also help you until get’s financial assistance in your bank account.

AddressAgriculture Commissioner & Director Address
Ground Floor, D-block Fathe Midan,
Near Nizam College, Basheer Bagh
Hyderabad, Telangana 500001
Helpline(040) 2338-3520

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