SBI Bank RTGS/NEFT Application Form PDF

You have to fill and submit SBI NEFT/RTGS Form PDF at your branch to do a money transfer within India. SBI NEFT/RTGS Form is very easy to fill when comparing to other banks. Important details are given below about the offline methods. The online method of RTGS/NEFT is very easy and it helps you to save time and apply from where ever you are.

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SBI RTGS/NEFT Form PDF Details and Image Preview:

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OrganizationState Bank of India
BeneficiarySBI Account Holders
Image Preview of SBI RTGS NEFT Form
Image Preview of SBI RTGS/NEFT Form PDF

RTGS Facility of SBI

As you know, Real-Time Gross Settlement [RTGS] are the easiest way of transferring bulk amount from account to account. More details like Timing, Limit, Charges & Online facility of SBI RTGS are following.

Timing of SBI RTGS:

You can submit RTGS form during SBI banking hours. The banking hours of State Bank of India is from 09:00 AM to 03:30 PM. The banking working days are common for every bank in India, that is Monday to Saturday (except 2nd and 4th Saturday).

Limit of SBI RTGS:

RTGS is a reliable way of transferring bulk amount between accounts. SBI account holder can transfer any amount greater than 2 Lakhs on direct branch visit. But limit of 10 lakhs is applicable on online RTGS facility.

Charge of SBI RTGS Transaction:

From 2 to 5 lakhRupees 20
Above 5 lakhRupees 50

Online facility for SBI RTGS:

State bank of India [SBI] have every modern online banking systems. You can utilize internet banking of SBI for RTGS facility for faster and time saving transactions. is a dedicated website for SBI internet banking. Limit of 10 lakhs is applicable on SBI RTGS online transactions. So, you have to visit branch if you are like to transfer more thank ten lakhs.

SBI RTGS Eligibility:

Any SBI account holder can utilize SBI RTGS Facility. You must have cheque of your account quoted transfer amount and sign to be submitted with RTGS application form. Internet banking activation requires if you are doing NEFT online.

Filling of SBI RTGS Form:

Form for SBI RTGS & NEFT is same as seen in preview above. You have to fill both left and right part of the form. Name and account number of yours and beneficiary, amount, date, signature are the mandatory fields in SBI RTGS Form. You must fill fields like Beneficiary IFSC code, branch also. Then complete double-check and verify also filled details before submission in bank.

NEFT Facility of SBI

As you know, National Electronic Funds Transfer [NEFT] are the popular transfer method between bank accounts in India. More details like Timing, Limit, Charges & Online facility of SBI NEFT are following.

Timing of SBI NEFT:

NEFT Facility is available on all SBI branches between 9 AM & 03:30 PM on all working days. SBI branches will open on all days except on Sundays, 2nd & 4th Saturdays and public holidays.

Limit of SBI NEFT:

You can transfer up to 2 lakhs using NEFT. As told earlier, transactions above 2 lakhs will be referred as RTGS.

Charge of SBI NEFT Transaction:

up to 10,000Rs. 2
From 10,001 to 100,000Rs. 4
From 100,001 to 200,000Rs. 13
Rs. 200,000Rs. 20

Online facility for SBI RTGS:

State bank of India [SBI] have online banking system for NEFT transactions. It’s very better to do an online NEFT transaction than through a branch if you are experienced in it. You can complete NEFT transaction online in a few minutes by activating internet banking facility on your account.

SBI NEFT Eligibility:

Any SBI account holder can utilize SBI NEFT Facility. You must activate internet banking by visiting a branch or by completing an online procedure to use SBI internet banking if you are like to do NEFT online.

Filling of SBI NEFT Form :

Same form of RTGS also used for NEFT transactions of SBI. You have to tick respective column whether transaction is NEFT or RTGS. It’s very easy to fill SBI NEFT Form by providing details of remitter and beneficiary.

SBI Helplines:

The helplines of State Bank of India are following. All helpline numbers are toll-free and 24×7 operational. and accessible from all landlines and mobiles within India.

SBI Helpline Phone Numbers:1800 1234
1800 11 2211
1800 425 3800
1800 2100

You can connect with these helplines if have any inquiries regarding SBI NEFT/RTGS transactions. SBI customer care representatives will lead you to the best solution.

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  1. How to fill SBI RTGS Form?

    1- Take a RTGS form from bank.
    2- Fill date & branch.
    3- Tick RTGS column.
    4- Fill transfer amount of RTGS in number & words.
    5- Fill cheque date & serial number.
    6- Write your name & account number.
    7- Write name of beneficiary.
    8- Fill account number & IFSC code of beneficiary.
    9- Sign Form.
    10- Verify filled details.
    11- Submit cheque & form to SBI bank official.

  2. Transfer Limit of SBI NEFT?

    You can transfer up to Rs. 2 lakhs by using SBI NEFT Facility.

  3. Transfer Limit of SBI RTGS?

    There have no limit on SBI RTGS if you are doing it by visiting branch. Have a limitation of 10 lakhs on online RTGS transactions.

  4. Is a cheque mandatory for doing NEFT in SBI?

    No, Cheque is not required to apply for NEFT. You have to submit a filled NEFT form on NEFT transactions.

  5. Is a cheque mandatory for doing RTGS in SBI?

    Yes, you have to submit a cheque if you are doing RTGS on branch visit. Cheque is not required for online transactions.

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