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Math Puzzle: Can you Solve This Tricky Fruit Puzzle Within 25 Seconds?

Math puzzles will boost your memory. It may feel hard to solve if you attempting math puzzle solving first time. But it’s not too hard. You can train your mind to find answers faster by taking more math puzzles.

Solve Math Puzzle

This is a math puzzle related to fruits. We are sure that this challenge will explode your mind. Math puzzles are a great way of mental exercise. Solving this challenge will not be difficult for those who love mathematics. But solving this challenge is not easy for a beginner. Anyway, let’s go to the challenge?

Here is the Challenge Picture ๐Ÿ‘‡

You have to find the value of fourth fruit set. You will get it by carefully looking to other three solved puzzles.

Solve Math Puzzle
Remember that the time allotted to crack this puzzle is just 25 seconds.
Your time starts now…
Hurry up… Clock is ticking…๐Ÿ•’
Time ended.
Hope you got the answer

is it hard?. It’s ok to fail. But make sure that you are tried your level best. Since this is an mathematical puzzle, you have to think deeper to find the answer. We will give you a hint to solve this challenge.

Hint: Try to find value of each fruit according to already solved puzzles

We think, the hind is enough to solve this challenge. Any way we are sharing the answer to check your findings. It’s very nice if you can comment about how many seconds you taken to find the answer.

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