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Math Puzzle: Are you a Genius to Solve This Math Picture Puzzle Within 25 Seconds?

Math puzzles are a very fun brain challenge. By practicing math puzzles continuously, you will be able to solve them easily.

Solve Math Picture Puzzle

Studies say that math puzzles will improve your strategic thinking. Maybe the first time doing these puzzles may feel boring. But later it will become a charm. That is the specialty of math puzzles. If you are a student, you can make math’s enjoyable by practicing such puzzles. Here is a very easy to solve math puzzle. Let’s move on to more details of this challenge.

You have to solve the fourth line of the fruit puzzle provided here. You will get hints easily from already solved puzzles given on the same picture. Turn on your analytical thinking to find answer of this challenge easily.

Let’s find the answer

Solve Math Picture Puzzle
As told earlier, you have to twenty five seconds to solve this math puzzle.
Clock started ticking…
Time has expired.
Do you successfully solved it..!

Any one still struggling to find the answer?. We are ready to give a clue which helps you to reach the answer easily. It’s ok to take more time if you are a beginner.

Hint: Find value of each fruit from already solved puzzles

Hope you got the answer. We are sharing the answer below to verify you findings. It’s very nice if you can comment below about your feelings while attending this challenge.

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