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Math Puzzle: Are you Mathematics Freak to Solve This Puzzle Within 18 Seconds?

Are you seeing candies at the challenge picture?. Yes, our todays math puzzle is related to candies. Are you ready?.

Solve the math puzzle

Math puzzles are relaxing one about a mathematics freak. Oh.. Sorry, it’s a kind of relaxing exercise about everyone. Practicing mathematic puzzles should give you a boost on mathematical skills and numerical ability. Mathematics puzzles are not only for adults. You should recommend it to your kids or younger brothers and sisters. Are you ready to solve the mystery of this challenge?. If ‘Yes’ move on, I will give a brief description of this challenge.

You can see three kind of candies on the challenge picture. The colors of covers of candies are red, rose and blue. The calculations between the candidates are multiplication and addition. You can see that the fourth calculation is still unsolved. We are very glad if you can help us in solving that one. Remember that there is a time limitation to solve this challenge.

Let’s start

Solve the math puzzle
As told earlier, you have solve the fourth calculation.
Let me give you a hint. You have to find value of each candy to solve fourth calculation.
Next 18 seconds is your’s…

Time is up.
Thanks for trying to solve this challenge.

Hope you got the answer. Congratulations for all of you. It’s ok to spend more time to solve the puzzle. Have a look at the solution provided below to confirm your findings

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