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Math Puzzle: Find Answer of This Challenge Within 16 Seconds

Mathematics freaks can easily solve this challenge. But it’s not too tough about others.

Solve the math puzzle

We are sure that this math puzzle will explore your mind. Math puzzle will give you a relief from mental stress. It will improve strategic thinking power too. The another specialty which is visible on frequent puzzle solvers are high self esteem. Anyway math puzzles are a overall power pack for your brain. You may feel more interested after solving more puzzles. The math puzzle presented here is a simple one which is best to enter to puzzle world.

What you can see at the challenge picture?. Yes, there is triangles and stars. The answers of addition and subtraction is given there. You have to find answer for division. Here that’s your duty. We are challenging you to find solution within next 16 seconds.

Let’s find answer of division

Solve the math puzzle
You have to workout on already solved addition and subtraction calculations to reach the solution.
Clock started ticking…
Tik Tik 1 …
Tik Tik 9 …
Tik Tik 16
Time is up.

It’s a proudful thing that you are participated in this challenge. Hope you enjoyed it. Please try to find the answer by taking more time. You can have a look to solution shared below after reaching the answer.

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