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Math Puzzle: Mathematics Freaks can Only Solve This Puzzle Within 20 Seconds

Math puzzles is a great mental exercise to do everyday. Give a try to challenge yourself and escape from comfort zone.

Solve the math puzzle

It’s worthful to spare some time for solving math puzzles. Math puzzles will improve your analytical and numerical skills. It may be not possible to obey the time bound about a common man have no interest in mathematics. But everyone should give a try on this. Maybe the first time doing these puzzles may feel boring. But later it will become a charm. That is the specialty of math puzzles. If you are a student, you can make math’s enjoyable by practicing such puzzles.

There is dog, cat and rabbit at the challenge image. The fourth row at challenge image is still unsolved. You have to solve it within 20 seconds.

Are you ready to solve the unsolved puzzle?

Solve the math puzzle
Let me give a hint before diving in to solving this puzzle.
You have to find value of each animal to solve the fourth row.
Tik Tik 1 …
Tik Tik 10 …
Tik Tik 20
Time is up.
Hope you tried best.

It’s ok to take another 20 seconds if you are struggling. Any way we are sharing the answer below. It’s recommended to have a look at the answer after finding answer yourself.

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