Brain Teaser: Can you Spot the Mouse Within 14 Seconds?

This is a nice way to challenge yourself. Here we are provided the new brain test to wakeup your brain. You have to find the mouse from the image within just 14 seconds.

find mouse within 15 seconds

Brain teasers help keep our minds active. Although we only spend seconds solving such brain teasers, the effect lasts for a long time. So solving more than three brain teasers a day will help us to increase our intelligence. You can see a kitchen setup on the brain test image provided here. There are vessels, plants and many things at the kitchen portrayed above. The mouses are a common disturbance in a kitchen. The same is happening at this kitchen too. You have to find a mouse from this kitchen. Your time is limited. You have just 14 seconds to finish this challenge.

Let’s start the challenge.

find mouse within 15 seconds
Here is the challenge picture.
As told earlier, you have to find the mouse from the picture. The next 14 second is yours.
Countdown starts now.
Yours 14 seconds finished…

Hints to Spot Mouse:

Do you find the hidden mouse from the image within 14 seconds. If ‘yes’, you accomplished the challenge. If ‘no’, we are here to help you to find the mouse. We will give two hints to help you.

Hint 1: Mouse eating the cookies

Hint 2: It's hided inside the kitchen cabinet

Answer of Spot the Mouse Challenge:

WE are assuming that all of you can spotted the mouse. congratulations for all of the participants. The answer of the challenge is given below. The mouse eating cookies is pointed at the red square.

It’s nice if you can share the time taken by you find the mouse in the comment section.

find the mouse answer

Image credit: Bright Side

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