Only 7% of You Can Spot Six Hidden Words From The Rainy-Day Picture Puzzle in 25 Seconds

Brain teasers can boost our creativity. Today’s brain teaser is a rainy picture with many words hidden in it. Can you solve this?

Find 6 secret words
Spot 6 Hidden Words Challenge

Your creative thinking plays a big role in solving some brain teasers. That is, the more brain teasers we attempt, the more we can experience our creativity increasing. Using our creativity to solve such brain teasers or other problems is what we call lateral thinking. If we have lateral thinking we can excel in all fields. Advertising, marketing, media and designing are careers where lateral thinking can be very useful. This brain teaser that you are going to attempt now is an opportunity to understand the extent of your lateral thinking power.

Spot Six Hidden Words Challenge:

Our challenge picture of today is a view of a very beautiful rainy day. First of all, take a close look at what is included in this picture. We see many children and adults walking along the footpath with umbrellas. Like this you have to assess the picture from your point of view. It is claimed that its creator has included six hidden words in this image. And he challenges us to find those six. I hope you will take up that challenge.

Let’s spot hidden words

Spot 6 secret word challenge
We are going to start this challenge.
We decided a time limit to finish this challenge.
Just 25 seconds is allotted for you.
Time is up.

Hints to Spot Hidden Words:

We understand that some have found a word or two. Can anyone find all 6 words from this picture? We appreciate their observation skills if any. Do you expect any help from us to find all six hidden words. We are going to give you the list of words in this one image. Now you just need to find where these words are in the picture.

  • Showers
  • Wet
  • Damp
  • Stormy
  • Puddle
  • Cloud

First of all, make sure that you will find the answer even if you struggle a little.

Answer of Find Hidden Words Challenge:

Although it took some time, most people thought they had spotted all the words correctly. We are going to officially share this challenge answer below.

  1. Showers – on the top left, you can view the ‘Show’ on the water near to the van. The ‘er’ is on the orange umbrella.
  2. Damp – on the grill of drainage.
  3. Puddle – Do you spotted the kid enjoying the rain, by standing near to the waste box?. Look closely to the clothes and bag of that kid. Then you can see the ‘Puddle’.
  4. Stormy – on the leaves of the tree.
  5. Cloud – on the bush plant.
  6. Wet – on the wet umbrella.

You can view the words on the red marked circles on the image provided below.

Answer of Spot 6 hidden words
Spot 6 Hidden Words Challenge Answer

Image Source: BoredPanda

Rainy Day Picture Puzzle – FAQ:

Are picture puzzles good for your brain?

Picture puzzles will improve your cognitive skills. Cognitive skills consist of ability learn, remember, read, think, listening etc.

How do you find hidden words?

Anyone can find the hidden words in a picture by looking carefully to each and every objects consist on the picture. Your observation skill will decide the time takes to find hidden words.

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