Optical Illusion: Spot Snow Leopard From The Snow-Covered Mountains in 14 Seconds

Today’s optical illusion challenge picture is a photo snapped by a famous wildlife photographer. Your responsibility is to decode it.

Find Snow Leopard

Studies show that success in optical illusion tests is related to your IQ level. Visual literacy and cognitive thinking are required to decode optical illusion images. For those who lack both of these things, some of such challenges may be too tough. Our advice to such people is to do several optical illusion puzzles daily. Try to solve all the challenges without hesitation even if it takes some time. This will increase your cognitive thinking and visual literacy to some extent.

There are some special things to say about the person who captured today’s challenge picture on camera. But that can be after we solve this challenge. You can see the snow covered mountains in the challenge picture. A snow leopard is walking through these mountains. Your task is to spot that snow leopard within 14 seconds.

Let’s start search for snow leopard.

Find Snow Leopard
14 Seconds countdown starts soon.
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Un-successful challengers can re-attempt the challenge after reading hint.

Only those with excellent observation skills would have been able to spot the snow leopard. We know that if we give a hint, everyone can oconquer this challenge. After reading the hint given below, expect to reattempt the challenge by adding 14 seconds.

Hint: The snow leopard is nearly at the middle of the image

About the Challenge Photograph:

This picture was taken by an Australian wildlife photographer called Bobby-Jo. The picture is from Kibber National Park located in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. She is also the person who has captured many world famous wild-life pictures. Bobby-Jo is also a Co-Director of Duma Safaris organized in Africa and India. Jo may have taken this picture during one of these safaris. Snow leopards are the kind of leopards adapted to the snowy conditions. There are 73 snow leopards of this kind in Himachal Pradesh. Figures also indicate that there are only 6000 snow leopards in the world.

Solution of Spot the Snow Leopard Challenge:

As mentioned in the hint given to you earlier, the snow leopard is almost in the middle of the challenge image. As you can see, the snow leopard is very calmly walking through the mountainside. The factor that prevented you from arriving at the answer was that the mountains and the snow leopard have almost same color.

find snow leopard answer
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