Can You Spot The Black Cat From The Weird Optical Illusion Picture Within 12 Seconds?

This challenge is meant to test your brain IQ. In today’s challenge you have to find the black cat from the picture.

spot black cat

Optical illusion challenges are fun for everyone. We can test our brain IQ level and creativity strength through optical illusion challenges. Taking up such challenges regularly will help you improve the connectivity between brain cells and control your mental agility. It is because of these reasons that optical illusion challenges are gaining great importance among netizens.

Spot the Black Cat Challenge:

The challenge image looking weird?. That’s not the case here. We can see many objects including ghost costume and candles in the picture. But there is also a black cat in this picture that is hidden from your attention at first glance. Yours mission of today is to find it in just 12 seconds.

Hope you are confident to trace the black cat.

spot black cat
Time bound is just 12 seconds.
Since background color of the challenge image is also black, reminding you that you can only see the cat if you look very carefully.
Countdown begins now.
Time is up.
Hope you traced the cat from this spooky image.

Hints to Trace Black Cat:

Don’t you remember I said earlier that it’s not that easy to spot a black cat from this picture with a black background. For those still struggling to find the black cat, let’s give them a lifeline in the form of Hint.

Hint: Black cat is resting at right side of the challenge image.

Todays challenge picture seems to be made as part of Halloween day. The reason I feel that way is because most of the things that are part of the Halloween celebration are in this picture.

Answer of Spot the Black Cat Challenge:

Anyway, I hope you tried your best to spot the black cat. Let me discuss the answer below to verify your findings. Didn’t you notice ‘BOO’ written in violet under the cap on the left side?. The black cat we are looking for rests on top of it. If you look carefully, you can see it too.

spot black cat challenge solved

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