Can You Spot The Cash Bundle From The Cluttered Illusion With Gadgets and Accessories?

Today’s optical illusion challenge is also a treasure hunt. The reason is that you have to find a bundle of cash in this challenge.

Spot Cash in The image

The main purpose of optical illusion challenges is to test your observation skills. Even if the answer is right in front of our eyes, a person with low observation skills will have to accept failure in such challenges. But a person with good observation skills can find the answer to such challenges within seconds. Most people today have very short attention spans. Such people do not have even the patience to attend optical illusion challenges and brain teasers. But switching from toxic habits to productive ones like brain teasers can increase your attention span and observation skills.

Spot the Bundle of Cash Challenge:

Are you feeling a little weird after seeing today’s challenge image? We can see many mobile phones and accessories in the challenge image. As you might imagine, todays challenge image has a technology connection. We will discuss that after solving the challenge. There is a bundle of cash in this picture. Spot it is the only thing you need to do to win this challenge. You can take up to 15 seconds for this.

Are you excited to trace the cash bundle?

Spot Cash in The image
15 seconds is your time limit.
Are you ready?
Time starts now.
7 seconds left
Time ended
If you were able to find the cash bundle within 15 seconds, you must be proud of yourself.

Hints to Find Cash Bundle:

Let’s consider this as the second round of this challenge. Some may now feel that it would have been nice to have a hint. We’re ready to give you not one but two hints. We hope to reattempt the challenge after reading both hints.

Hint 1: The cash bundle is at the left side of the image

Hint 2: The cash bundle is located very close to a mouse

About Spot the Bundle of Cash Challenge:

The creators of this challenge are musicmagpie, a famous gadget reselling company. They didn’t just have a brain teaser. According to a survey conducted by musicmagpie, most households have $600 worth of gadgets and accessories lying around unused. The purpose of this challenge is to create an awareness about it.

Answer of Spot the Bundle of Cash Challenge:

I think you have already found the answer. Cash bundle you searching is near a computer mouse in the middle on the left side.

cash spotted near the mouse

Image Source: musicmagpie

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