Can You Spot The Dancer Lurking Among Lot of Flamingos Within 15 Seconds?

Today’s challenge image is a pinkish image overall. You have to find a Dancer among many flamingos in the picture.

spot dancer

The illusion is a hotly debated topic among scientists. Many scientists have explained the optical illusion in different ways. In any case, optical illusions are something that humans have always looked at with wonder. With the popularity of the internet, optical illusion challenges have also started going viral among netizens. Many optical illusion challenge artists like Gergely Dudás started to emerge. These challenges have become a hobby for both children and adults today. Today we have come up with such a challenge that everyone might like.

Spot the Dancer Challenge:

A dancer is lurking among many flamingos in the picture given here. To be precise, the dancer is a ballerina. You have to take up the challenge of finding it. You have 15 seconds to complete this challenge.

Let’s spot the ballerina.

spot dancer
Remember that the pinkish look of the image is going to confuse you.
As told earlier, 15 seconds is the time bound allotted for you.
Time started running.
Time is up.
Hope you spotted ballerina.

Hint to Spot Ballerina:

Kudos to whoever found the answer. Let me give you a clue for those who are still unable to reach the answer. It’s recommended to reattempt the challenge after getting the clue.

Clue: Dancer is at the bottom side of challenge picture

Who’s Behind This Challenge:

Dancewear Central, UK’s renowned dancewear cloth ecommerce company is the creators of this challenge. this picture was taken by everyone within seconds after Dancewear central shared this challenge image through their website and social media handles. From time to time, Dancewear Central shares many challenges for their followers highlighting dancers.

Answer of Spot Dancer Challenge:

Dancer’s position is on the lower left side of the challenge image. The color of the dancer’s dress is pink, which is the color of flamingos. Also, you can see the color of hair of the dancer is yellow.

spotted dancer answer

Image Credit: Dancewear Central

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