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If you Have an Eagle Eye, Then Spot the Deer From This Photo Within 15 Seconds

In the picture you see the valley of a big mountain. Only those with good eyesight can succeed in this challenge.

Spot the deer challenge

Before going into the details of today’s challenge, let me tell you the purpose of such challenges. Such challenges will definitely help you to improve your observation skills. Visual literacy is your ability to interpret an image. Those with more visual literacy can easily interpret challenge images like the ones we have provided here. Studies show that visual literacy can be improved by regular practicing for those with poor visual literacy.

You can see a beautiful valley in the challenge picture. But there is a deer lurking in this. You must find that deer. That’s today’s task for you. We think that those with good visual literacy can do it in just 15 seconds.

Let’s spot the deer

Spot the deer challenge
Shall we start?..
15 seconds is your time limit..
Time running… Hurry up
Time is up.
Do you spotted the deer?

Hope you found the answer. But we also know that not everyone is not able to find the answer. So we’ll give you a clue.

Hint: You can spot a Klipspringer by zooming closer to the rocks

Yes, the deer is grazing right next to the rocks. We think you will try to reach the answer with the clue. The answer is given at the end of this article. The picture was taken from Mount Shikumbu in Kruger National Park, South Africa. The picture was taken years ago by the famous photographer and illustrator Piet Grobler. He also did not notice that there was a deer in the picture. A few days after the picture was taken, his daughter, Carmen Grobler, brought it to his attention. Then this picture went viral on the internet and confused a lot of people. He would never have imagined that a picture taken by him completely by accident would garner so much public attention.

Image Credit: Piet Grobler

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