Valentines Day Special Brain Teaser: Can You Spot The Heart Within 15 Seconds?

The main purpose of brain teaser images is to create a confusion between the mind and the visual system. Many people who face such challenges fall into this confusion in the first few seconds.

spot the heart symbol

The world celebrates Valentine’s Day on February 14. Valentine’s Day is a day eagerly awaited by lovers. History indicates that Valentine’s Day is a celebration that started over 1500 years ago. Today we have come to you with an brain teaser puzzle related to Valentine’s Day. Brain teaser challenges are organized by artists on most festive days like Valentine’s Day. As such, the picture we have given here is one made in connection with this year’s Valentine’s Day.

Spot the Heart Challenge:

Can’t you see many views on the Valentine’s Day Special Challenge pic? We see lots of pink flowers and hugging dolls. Along with it we can see red and white butterflies. But what we need to find is a small heart. It is hidden in this picture itself. Setting a time limit of 15 seconds creates a challenging atmosphere. Otherwise you may feel lazy.

Let’s find the heart

spot the heart symbol
Let’s set a countdown of 15 seconds.
Your time starts now.
Look throughout the picture carefully.
Hope you spotted the heart.

Congratulations to those who found the heart. Don’t worry if you can’t find it. A clue will help you reach the answer. After reading the clue, we recommend taking another 15 seconds to reattempt the challenge.

Hints: The color of heart is pink and it’s on the left side

Hope you like this challenge. You have just seen a brain teaser made by Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás. Gergely Dudás is a master at creating the kind of images you’ve seen. Gergely Dudás is known in the reading world as Dudolf. He is the author of Bear’s Merry Book of Hidden Things, a favorite children’s book. He shares many works through his blog. You are now tried to solve a picture that was shared in connection with Valentine’s Day. His method is to make a picture in the usual way and then hide some object in it and challenge everyone to find it.

Solution of Spot the Heart Challenge:

The location of the heart is marked inside the yellow box in the image. The place of the heart is between the flowers. Moreover, the same color of the flowers is also given to the heart. Gergely Dudás has done this with the aim of confusing those who attempt this challenge as much as possible. Anyway, Happy Valentines Day for you again.

the heart is among the flowers solution

Are brain teasers good for adults?

Brain Teasers are good for both children’s and adults. Solving brain teasers frequently will improve cognitive function everyone. You will also get problem-solving skill too which is helpful in your daily life.

Why brain teasers are good for kids?

As you know, brain teasers are good for kids. Challenging their mind through brain teasers will help them in long term. That’s why every modern curriculum is included with lot of such puzzles and games.

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