Are You Hawk Eyed to Spot Tiny Owl From The Picture Within 8 Seconds?

If you see today’s challenge image, you may not feel anything special at first glance. But there is an tiny owl lurking in this picture.

spot owl

You are an intelligent person if you can decode optical illusion images in less than seconds. It is not easy for everyone. From your visual literacy to observation skills help you decode optical illusion images. Regularly trying to solve brain teasers like optical illusion challenges will help you to increase your intelligence. So, we can describe that brain teasers including optical illusion challenges are a fun way of self-development.

Spot the Owl Challenge:

In the challenge picture, we can see a wall built by stacking many stones passing through the grass. There is a little owl in this picture itself. You have to spot it within 8 seconds.

Let’s spot the tiny owl.

spot owl
We have set a time bound to create a challenge mood. Hope you stick with it.
Your 8 seconds starts now
Time ended.
Kudos to whoever spotted the owl

Hints for Strugglers:

For those who are yet to find the owl, a hint seems to be of great relief to them. Hope to reattempt the challenge after reading the hint.

Hint: The stone wall and owl have same color

This picture was taken from Derbyshire, UK. It would be interesting if you could comment below how many seconds it took you to decode this image. I think persons with good observation skills wouldn’t have taken more than 5 seconds.

Answer of Spot the Owl Challenge:

Hopefully most people will have already reached the answer easily after we gave them the hint. The owl is not hiding as some people think. The owl is sitting on the stone wall and posing for the photo very nicely. You had a little trouble in spotting the owl because the wall and the owl have the same color.

Image Credit: Caters News Agency

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