Optical Illusion Challenge: Spot Zebras Amidst The Great Wildebeest Migration

Below is a snapshot of the world’s largest migration. That is also our challenge picture of today.

great wildebeest migration

Optical illusion images are not easily understood by a human being. It may required good observation to crack each image. Perhaps we have gone through the answer many times. But we may not have been able to recognize it. It is also true that the eyes do not allow us to do that. Each optical illusion image has many secrets hidden in it. So it will be very difficult to decode those images within a given time. When attending today’s challenge, we remind you that all the things we have said so far should be in your memory.

Today’s challenge image contains many specialties. I will tell you all that after you complete this challenge. In this picture, you can see thousands of animals trying to cross a river. We can see thousands of wildebeests in this picture. But there also have zebras in the picture. 2 zebras to be exact. You have to spot both zebras exactly. Let’s set a time bound of 15 seconds to make things more interesting.

Let’s trace two zebras

Hope you can spot zebras easily. It’s a picture with lots of animals, so we are reminding you that you can only get to the answer by zooming in.
Next 15 seconds is your time limit.
Time starts now.
Time is exhausted.
If you failed to spot zebras.. let’s try to reach answer through hint provided below.

If you’ve searched a lot but still can’t find the answer, we can help you with a hint. Zebras are at river. They are struggling to cross the river. So, you have to search only at river to spot zebras. Before giving the official answer, let me tell you a few things about this picture. It will surely surprise you.

The picture you are currently viewing is from the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. But it doesn’t seem to be a real image captured by the camera. Most people think that it is a painting. But the incident like the one seen in the picture happens every year in the Maasai Mara National Reserve. Wildebeests migrate in herds between Kenya and Tanzania. This migration takes place according to the availability of rain. Wildebeests take months to complete this migration, because of presence of dangerous crocodiles in the river seen in the picture. Thousands of tourists come to Maasai Mara to experience this sight. The answer to this optical illusion challenge is shared below. You can confirm your finding by looking at it.

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