The UPSC OMR Sheet PDF provided here is not an official OMR Sheet of Union Public Service Commission [UPSC]. But, this OMR Sheet is enough for your practice for UPSC Prelims and exactly similar to the official one. In this article, we are included all the instructions to follow during filling of UPSC OMR Sheet. We are requesting you to download PDF after just reading the whole instructions provided below.

Preliminary Civil Services Examination of Union Public Service Commission are conducting in MCQ mode. As mentioned earlier, practicing is the key of cracking UPSC examination. That’s the importance of UPSC OMR Sheet [year] PDF.

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Instructions to Fill UPSC OMR Sheet:

Following instructions are official instructions from Union Public Service Commission. These instructions are must followed by every candidates appearing for UPSC Civil Services Prelims.

  • Every candidates must use black ball point pen for bubbling and filling fields like exam center, subject and booklet series.
  • Never handle OMR Sheet carelessly and do writing or marking very carefully.
  • UPSC Civil Services invigilator will provide test booklet on time and you can see a booklet series code on upper side of front page of booklet. Aspirants bubble this series code on OMR Sheet. UPSC are providing A, B, C, D booklets and yours booklet should belong to any of these.
  • Candidate should connect with invigilator in case of missing of series code on provided booklet. The invigilator should take necessary actions to replace test booklet with immediate effect.
  • Aspirants should check the booklet, to ensure everything is correct and don’t have missing pages. In this case, the invigilator can replace your booklet with a good one.
  • Then continue with filling of your Subject Code and Roll Number. Candidate should inform the invigilator about any correct in filling the Roll Number. The invigilator will verify the correction and supervisor will countersign change after proper actions.
  • Candidates are not allowed to write anything against guidelines of the UPSC examination. So, the aspirant should not mention their name, address and phone number on any part of booklet. This guideline is also for rough sheet allowed to do problems helping to find correct answers.
  • You should not allowed to fold the booklet.
  • Never write anything on backside of answer sheet. Such answer sheets may be creates problem during OMR Sheet Valuation.
  • You must be extra-conscious when bubbling answers. Remember, erasing is not possible since you are using black pen to mark answers.
  • You have to mark the correct answer by darkening the bubble completely. Never bubble partially and it will not considered as a valid answer.
  • Candidate can opt one answer and darken it among A/B/C/D. Never bubble more than one answer and such answers are not to be evaluated.

Benefits of Practicing OMR Sheet:

The practicing before helps in following ways:

  • You can practice for UPSC Prelims in a way of actual is exam is conducting.
  • Aspirants can practice by bubbling answers. Such practicing is very helpful in doing crystal clear bubbling in UPSC Prelims.
  • Practice for UPSC Prelims by conducting a exam yourself by setting a time limit. You can use previous year question papers for such practice tests.
  • Practicing on OMR Sheet will definitely boost your confidence.
  • Practicing will able you to handle answer booklets very fast.

UPSC OMR Sheet Valuation:

UPSC Prelims examination have centers in almost all major cities of India. After prelims examination, UPSC officials will carry OMR Sheets to authorized valuation centers of UPSC. Then, the officials will use a Optical Mark Reader (OMR) for valuation process.

UPSC Prelims valuation is an automated process and UPSC will declare results after verification of result reports. Same valuation method are also using for many of popular examinations in India like NEET, JEE, CMAT etc. OMR Sheets are very reliable way of conducting exams and helpful in faster publishing of results in a shorter time period.

Important Exams Conducting By UPSC:

Union Public Service Commission [UPSC] are conducting many major examinations in India. But, Civil Services Examination are the popular one in the list. Some important examinations of the UPSC are following:

  • Engineering Services Exam (IES)
  • Indian Forest Services Exam (IFoS)
  • Special Class Railway Apprentices Exam (SCRA)
  • National Defence Academy and Naval Academy Exam (NDA and NA)
  • Combined Medical Services Examination (CMSE)

This is just a short list and currently more than 20 examinations are conducting by UPSC.

UPSC OMR Sheet PDF Download Link:

Download pdf now

How many questions to attempt in UPSC Prelims?

The total number of questions for UPSC Prelims are 180. There have 2 papers (CSAT & General Studies) for UPSC prelims. 100 questions are asking on General Studies and remaining 80 are on CSAT.

Is there any negative mark for UPSC Prelims?

Yes, There have a negative marking in UPSC Prelims. ⅓ mark will be deduct for each wrong answer. There is no negative marks for unattempted questions.

What happens when a question is answered multiple times?

it’s against the guidelines of the UPSC. No marks will be given In such situations.

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