Viral Video: A Video of the Bird Mimicking all the Sounds is Surprising the Netizens

A video of Lyrebirds, commonly found in Australia, is now going viral on social media. A video of Lyrebird shared on Twitter is now catching everyone’s attention.

Bird mimicking any sound it hears viral video

Nature always surprises us. Videos of many birds and animals go viral on social media. Let’s take a look at such a video which is widely circulating on social media since last day. This video first reached the outside world through the Twitter handle @fasc1nate. Within seconds of its publication, this video started spreading through other social media. In the last 24 hours, the video has garnered more than 10 lakh views on Twitter alone. This video featuring Lyrebirds’ mesmerizing performance has garnered over two thousand retweets and over ten thousand likes.

Lyrebirds are widely found in the rainforests of Australia. The Australian states of New South Wales, Tasmania and Queensland have the highest numbers of Lyrebirds. Lyrebird’s ability to imitate the voice is the reason why this video went viral. As the videographer makes several sounds, Lyrebird imitates those sounds beautifully and will win everyone’s heart. That’s the reason why 2 minute long videos have taken over the internet.

A male bird with long tails can be seen in the viral video. The fact that the Lyrebird has the ability to mimic the sounds of other birds, animals, humans easily is amazing. Not only this, but artificial sounds created by humans cannot beat Lyrebird’s mimicry skills. Popular website zmescience compares Lyrebirds to a beat box artist. We can understand the excellence of Lyrebirds in vocalization through this single thing.

There are many interesting comments at the bottom of this video, which was shared only a short time ago. It also has an interesting comment comparing the lyrebird to the peacock. Along with the comments, many people are also sharing the videos of Lyrebirds that they recorded earlier. But the fact that this bird has such an ability is a new knowledge to most.

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