Video of Cute Kittens Recreating Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Dance is Going Viral

There is no one who has not seen Jenna Ortega’s famous Wednesday dance. Wednesday dance is in the news again through some cats.

Wednesday dance viral video

Wednesday dance is one of the things that once created a stir on social media. Jenna Ortega, who performed the Wednesday dance step, quickly rose to fame. In 2022, the world saw Jenna Ortega’s viral steps through the hit-series ‘Wednesday’, which was released on Netflix. Jenna’s steps were accompanied by The Cramps’ song Goo Goo Muck and became waves around the world. Both the celebrity world and the common man took to social media to imitate Jenna’s dance steps, which anyone could emulate. But this is not the reason behind this one dance step and song going viral now.

To everyone’s surprise, quite a few kittens have stepped to the Goo Goo Muck song this time. A video of kittens dancing to a song is going viral on social media. This video was released through the Instagram page lorettabritishcat, which has more than five lakh followers. The caption for the video is ‘Wednesday kitty dance, please, sound on’ along with some hashtags. lorettabritishcat is a page that has gained many fans on Instagram by sharing many videos and pictures about cats.

No one would have dreamed that kittens could imitate this step so beautifully. This is what most people point to as the reason why everyone has taken up this video, which is only seconds long. In the video, the three cute kittens sitting on the bed can be seen doing the head-shaking step when the Goo Goo Muck song comes on. So far, this viral video has garnered more than 2.5 crores of viewers and more than 20 lakh likes.

Reactions to ‘Wednesday Dance of Kittens’:

Many are reacting to this video with great surprise. Most people are attracted by the beauty of kittens. Netizens also did not forget to appreciate everyone who trained the kittens to dance on Wednesday. Famous musician Rob Chianelli has expressed his love for the video with some love emojis. Instagram user snazzyshel commented that ‘these are the only dances to this song I will watch from now on’.

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